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Episode v.007 TPHFB



Before anything else, we would like to dedicate this episode of RoboChode to Benoît Mandelbrot, who passed away on October 14th.  So long, and thanks for all the math.


Yeah, it's been a little while again, and we know you were all so concerned.  We explain these things in the first few minutes.  Also, we've decided to start putting up new episodes bi-weekly.  Hopefully this should make our releases far more consistent.



Anyways, here's this weeks stuffs.  


I'm pretty sure Josh never said the word "jizz".


Episode v.007 - TPHFB

Direct link - 





00:00 Where we've been
01:15 Laws of robotics
04:20 Creative attachments for sex robots
08:20 Sentience and the dietary habits of robots
09:30 Robot, android, cy
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