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I got my second COVID dose last Sat; it played havoc with my terrible immune system and I've been sick since. Been spending all week sleeping and engaging whomever messaged me on Discord in nonsense conversations. so business as usual. You all been okay?


On my first run after finally unlocking Rivers, I became functionally invincible. About 60% into filling my tiles, I realized I couldn't be stopped, and just started putting things wherever. I'll probably come to regret my hubris someday.


Me, working part-time at Covid clinic: "The needles are tiny they barely hurt." Patient: "I thought it would be bad but I didn't even notice!" Me: "Yeah, the microchips are so tiny you don't need a very big needle at all!"


Been spending the past while doing moderation nonsense, and I feel the need to say: Remember to regularly check your e-mails/accounts for breaches, update your passwords, and shut down unused accounts. (Picture semi-related)


The 9th is Lily (Floppablecats)'s birthday. That may have passed in Aussie, but thanks to the power of time zones, it falls perfectly on #ArbitraryMetalTuesday for us. You've been a blessing to everyone on this site - especially me.


Happy Day of Spawn to my favorite fish person.


I'm not normally one for dark visual novels (I'm more of a Dream Daddy, Monster Prom type?), but The Life & Suffering of Sir Brante's first two chapters (available free) left a very good impression. The world-building is top-notch - it really drew me in.


When your urge to write manifests itself in 800-word replies regarding what Kamen Rider series to start with.


I was struggling with #Indietoid, and then I remembered that one of my top games of last year was Suzerain. A political visual novel where your choices affect the outcome, the writing is exceptional (It's also 20% off right now).


Happy capitalist candy acquisition holiday! Chocolate and symbols of affection for all!


Halt, Destructoid. State to me thine state of being. Only then thou shalt pass this Quickpost!


I see lots of Gundams about. Here's one of the dumb/great Soketsuden (Three Kingdoms) SD's I built early in 2020. Naturally, I switched to a better phone like a month later.


I've been making more time to get back into video games. A friend got me Monster Hunter: World for Christmas. There's a lot I like and dislike, but they sure put a lot of effort into this gloriously dumbass cat suit. How... Capcom. I love it.


Given the length of my absence (2020 was, what, 10, 20 years long?), it means quite a lot to me that I am receiving birthday well-wishes. I've missed you all, and have been hoping you've been staying safe.


Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone. It definitely takes the edges off the (admittedly silly) existential nightmare I have over getting older. You're all delightful and beautiful. Eurobeat metal cover unrelated but still great.


I have appeared from the darkness to wish a very happy birthday to Wes the mighty Taco. Never change, Wes - and in that I mean please never stop being minutely older than me (and keep loving those adorable towel-dogs).


A Merry Christmas and Nondenominationalgiftandfoodholiday to everyone! My family holiday is put off a few days due to scheduling, so I'm spending the day baking cookies and pies - because I can. You are all dearly loved! Speaking of - Steam keys inside!




Early in the month, I promised Chris and Flanx that I would eat decadently for their birthdays. I did so, and since I am posting this so late, would like to extend my gluttony in their honor to all the November birthdays of Dtoid. #Foodtoid


Thanks to the combined work of Dtoid, I have been lured from my shadowy Mod work into the open. It is true things have been pretty rough the past few months. Thank you to everyone for the love and encouragement. Have a video about the greatness of bed.


Today I celebrate 7 years of being on Dtoid. I think that's amazing. I don't think I'm very good at being social, so the fact that I'm in the place I am after all these years - I think that's just a testament to how wonderful you all are.


This month's Humble Monthly is a damn-tempting one. Kerbal Space Program, Ruiner, and Dead Rising 4 for $12 - plus the mystery titles & 10% in the store. If it's your first time with monthly, I have a blatant shill for you in the comments.


A few weeks ago, I uttered the words, "Hey, doesn't Yukari look a bit like Pipimi?" and the next thing I knew this monstrosity of a cursed image was drawn for me. Seeing it as my Discord avatar then inspired #DeScrufftoid . The curse spreads.


*My reaction after every episode of Mitchiri Neko*


Did everyone have a good weekend? I know I did other things, but all I can remember doing Saturday or Sunday was killing spambots. I'm stopping typing this to kill them. This is my life now, Dtoid.


Do you like dating undatable things? Of course you do! The Office Type is about dating anthropomorphic office supplies. Also the toner cartridges have dogs. They're doing a fundraiser @muchtooheavy on Twitter.


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