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game inspired paintings - another stub

It is time for a stub again:

I did some loosely game-related works several years ago I completely forgot about.

Well, I just rescued them from the depths of my hard-drive.
They feel a little retro to me but I still believe them to be neatly crafted.
A little cramped maybe. And the colours are...
...let's say somewhere between eye candy and eye cancer.
The quality of the fotos sucks a bit I'm afraid - they were taken early in the age of digital photgraphy.

For your enjoyment.

Nosferatu and Balloon Kid…. all about unfulfilled sexual desires (obviously)


EEK! (I am terribly afraid of RL-violence but do I love Street Gangs)

I don’t even know…Fatty Arbuckle in front...some Wizard of Oz...and is that Eichmann over there, stuffed into the Arcade?
It burns in the eye.

Seems to me I mostly watched movies and played games during this period of my life…. What a jolly good period that must have been

Thanks for your interest
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