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Peter Moore leaving Microsoft for EA Sports

Yeah, it's true. Just did some checking with various inside sources. It's happening. Story link here Gaming blog Kotaku has broke the story that Peter Moore will leave his position at Microsoft to head up EA Sports. After hearing of this,...


Fuck Park LaBrea Apartments!!!!

I got my car towed for the first time. I stayed with someone last night and woke up to a missing car. Fuck you Park LaBrea and fuck whoever the whiney bitch was that complained I was in their spot! THERE ARE 30 OTHER EMPTY SPACES!!!!


Holy shit, I have a blog!

Word to your moms. This is actually the kind of thing I wanted back in the day to have. I wanted something, somewhere, where you guys could see all the stupid shit I did. Also, I wanted a place where I didn't have to be so damn formal. ...


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