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Sonic Mania: Review and Fandoms


Sonic Mania

Return to form? He was already in great shape


When it comes to sonic the hedgehog, we seem to think that his glory days are behind him and now all that is left are terrible games. So when a genuinely good sonic game comes around, critics inevitably bring up the bad games and laugh at how awful he's supposedly been since 1998. yet has he really? The 'Dark age of Sonic' ended years ago yet we act like it just ended with this new game.

Don't get me wrong Sonic the hedgehog has had bad games, awful ones, but are you going to ignore all the good ones that game since then?


Well if we are going to talk about this hedgehog and his latest video games extravaganza, called 'Sonic Mania' .We might as well see if there was any real quality in SOME of those 3D console titles we loath. Giving a small look at some of the more prominent 3D CONSOLE titles in Sonics lifespan.


Adventure 1 & 2: the actually good 3D games.

Sonic Adventure, a GOOD GAME

My history with these games goes back to when the Dreamcast was a new console. Yes, I was one of the lucky ones that ACTUALLY played sonic adventure one an ACTUAL dreamcast. That is where my love the blue blur's games began.whilst adventure 2 Battle was a game that I played on the Gamecube variation. These game are the Sonic titles that I truly grew up one (although I wouldn't beat them until much later in life). These games are incredible fun, with their cast of characters all bringing different elements and gameplay styles to the table. But if I were to choose my favourite between Adventure and Adventure 2, Adventure one all the way. I grew up on that Dreamcast classic and personally prefer that over Adventure 2.


these games however haven't aged as well as people think, But not as bad as some other groups say.

The graphics are ugly and the control isn't as precise as imagined and the stories are laughable and filled with plot holes the size of a 6 foot tall Fat-Cat. But all in all I still think these games are a good time, and can stand proud as good quality Sonic games.


Heroes to unleashed: the dark age of sonic.(sort of)

for me the 'Dark age of sonic' (a period when Sonic was starring in bad game after bad game on consoles). Starts with Sonic Heroes (a very flawed, but okay game) to Sonic Unleashed(a game that is exactly half good). Heroes was nice levels, the design and aesthetics are all and cool, and the three character mechanic is kinda fun, but the control is incredibly slippery and the way you obtain the chaos emeralds id an absolute pain. But heroes can be enjoyed.

SONIC 06 a bad game

Their are two games released in this time frame (three but we are not looking at Secret Rings now) the Games that symbolize just how bad a Sonic game can really be, the 2005 release Shadow the Hedgehog and SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (of which I will be referring to as Sonic' 06 from now on). Shadow is a long bland uncontrollable piece of garbage that just rewrites continuity without consequence. But is so boring that it gets overshadowed(heh) by Sonic 06. so really really bland. Sonic 06 on the other hand. Is so bad, so awful, so unbelievably stupid that you should buy it and play it, Sonic 06 is quite possibly, the ''The Room' of sonic games, so bad that it defies logic and must be contained and studied like a bacterial infection. If you do not have a morbid curiosity for crap then stay away, far away, go to the other side of the Moon if you must.


Unleashed to Generations: the other good 3D sonic games


ever since sonic 06 the 'Sonic Cycle' came into being as well as people saying that sonic never had good games after the 2d era. That is utter bollocks but lets move on. To the actually great more recent 3D sonic games. Sonic unleashed was half good ,the daytime stages are amazing but the 'Werehog' material is just passable. It did lay the groundwork for which the sequels would build upon, sonic colours and generations. Both colours and generations are amazing, great story, funny dialogue, some of the best level design in recent years. Both Colours and Generations are worht buying even in this day and age


Sonic Solours, a GOOD game

lost world and boom: errr...

these two games are the reason why we bring up these sonic cycle and bad sonic games now, even after the amazing Sonic Colours and Generations. Sonic lost world while still funny and containing witty dialogue, the gameplay suffers for its experimental gameplay tastes. Not a truly bad game in the end but more-so odd and not as good as previous affairs. Sonic Boom however is a different beast.Sonic Boom: Rise of lyric is not a Sonic the Hedgehog game. It may 'contain' Sonic and friends, it 'may' also have some high speed action segments and Platforming, but ITS NOT A SONIC GAME. It is a TV game license game to the Sonic Boom tv show (which is really good(the TV show not the game). The gameplay is repetitive, the music forgettable, the story is mad and I knew it was wrong and will personally never touched this game with a 10 foot barge poll. Just avoid this one like a bad meal.


Now lets move to the main course. The actual review portion of Sonic Mania


Mania: sonic 3 & Knuckles on sonic CD

Sonic mania is the real sonic 4. better than the real sonic 4 we got. It takes sonic 3 and knuckles and combines it with Sonic CD and fusion dance to merge and create Sonic Mania. And fun title that celebrates sonic in the best way possible. A mix of mostly old levels with a few new worlds that add just as much to the table as any green hill or chemical plant, the new world fit beautifully into the Sonic Mania framework. And the Music is SO AMAZING. The gameplay so silky smooth and has just enough challenge to be approachable to even newbie players.

Sonic Mania

now this game is still amazing but it is those who are not educated in the highs and lows of Sonic in a broad sense that ruin these experience for everyone. The people who say that 'Sonic has never had a good game SINCE the original trilogy'. These are the people I wouldn't even touch with a 12 foot sterilized barge poll being held by someone else (yes I know Zero Punctuation made that joke, I love it so much i'll bring attention to the fact I am bringing attention to the fact that I am stealing a joke in order to use it).


Anyway Sonic Mania.

Go buy this game it is amazing. You'll won't get this kind of fun if you always hate a franchise you claim to love.



- one of 5 people on earth who liked batman v superman AND who has read the comics

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