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Happy Birthday to Charlton Heston, national man of history.


Dang. Ten years since Spec Ops: The Line. I'm almost surprised it never got the remaster treatment.


I'm retroactively angry with every corner of the internet that told me Castlevania Chronicles was worth skipping. This is wonderful if you're a fan of the first NES game.




Bass is good people and his Mirama project is legit inspiring. Happy Birthday, Bass.


Enjoy whatever you're up to today, everybody.


I can't get the words "edible NFT that you can eat" out of my head and it's all Boxman's fault.


It's 2/2/2022.


I don't really have anything insightful to say, but both "Microsoft buys ActiBlizzard" and "Sony buys Bungie" read as jokes to me the first time.


This is a fun dive into the Mario series and the question of what "counts." Where do you draw the line between a full game, a spinoff, a remake, a port, etc?


First deserve, then desire


How long is Nier Automata? I know there's multiple playthroughs, except also they're sorta not multiple playthroughs because they're different? I don't entirely get it. Also how is it 5 years old already?


Happy Thursday, or something.


Uh, It Takes Two. That's... the only 2021 game I played. But it's real good. Real real good. Do recommend.


#Stripmas in comments this time because it's taller. Merry Caturday Christmas, everybody.


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