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Pooped at the store, and the motion detector flushed it while I was still sitting.


Merry Christmas, everybody. Keep on being great.


Voltron's over and that makes me sad, but also happy because it's complete, and good from start to finish. One of my favorite shows ever.


I dont remember who recommended The Haunting of Hill House but it's pretty good and I'm glad I watched it.


This gave me a giggle.


Working nighttimes is weird. Still getting used to weekends that begin on Saturday morning instead of Friday evening. In other news, DAMN Yakuza 0 is impressive. There's a whole movie's worth of plot in Chapter One alone.


AEIOUandsometimesY Dudes!


Happy Birthday, Dere! Go ride your turdwagon someplace special.


Happy late birthday to Hlarge. You deserve it. Also not-late happy birthday to Retrofraction, whose username I often misread as faction.


I think I'm too late, but Happy Birthday, Mr Blues! You're goood people.


Every time a Qpost hits 101, the word "Wonderful" runs through my head. I haven't even played that game.


How dere he?


Well this looks like some good stupid fun.


Happy WILFDay! Don't break anything important!


Birthday? Birthday! JCDentDay!


Can somebody convince me that the ending of Zeta Gundam wasn't... bad?


Nice try, but you're no Mario


Last night I went on a weird pro-wrestling nostalgia trip, and was reminded that Kurt Angle exists and genuinely won Olympic Gold. He sucks and I love him for it.


Stardew's multiplayer mode is pretty great you guys. A few niggling side-effects, but functional and fun.


I was bored and needed a laugh so have a laugh with me or something.


Haven't there been multiple occasions where this game was labeled "Done" and no more updates? Not that I have a problem with it.


I've kept an eye on this mod for years. It puts every HD re-release to shame, and while it's still not done, it's gearing up for a big mostly-done release in a month.


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I'm a 26 year old guy in Oregon. I've been playing video games as long as I can remember, starting with an old dusty NES, some Mario, and Battletoads. Now, I mostly play on PC, and try to play as many different games as possible unless it involves the letters "RTS" or "MMO." Sorry, Blizzard. Nothing personal.

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