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I don't really know anything about Doraemon besides 'exists' but it's kind of interesting to see other franchises try what Dynasty Warriors has done and reskin its formula for a different IP


I really like Jirard the Completionist, but he's sometimes so committed to the 'completionist' idea that he criticizes games in dumb ways.


Oh hey, Classic Tetris European Championship tournament is going on. So I guess this is what I'm doing now. https://www.twitch.tv/tetriseurope


Has Devil May Cry 3 been confirmed and/or dated for Switch, or are we all just sort of assuming it's inevitable after 1 and 2?


Why didn't anyone tell me Axiom Verge was so good?


That Blasphemous demo is pretty good, last day to try it before the actual release in a week and a half. https://store.steampowered.com/app/774361/Blasphemous/


Today sucks. I hope y'all have had a better auugust than I have


Just got to the prison break in Spiderman PS4. Holy wow that was awesome.


Consciously, I know that the Prime series is part of the larger Metroid canon. But in my heart, I will never merge the two. Prime is better as a reboot.


Frosty AND Ninja? Awesome. Happy Birthday, enjoy it.


I maked a Mario: V3S-Y4N-MYG (fixed)


Did y'all know that Streets of Rogue is great? Because Streets of Rogue is Great.


Lego Marvel is immediately better than Lego Lord of the Rings. Ultimate Alliance and Marvel vs Capcom are contenders, but this is the peak of Marvel gaming.


Been away from dtoid this week, but I finally got my hands on a Switch. Only have Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild so far, and both are awesome just like everyone said back in 2017.


Interesting concept. Open world game where you fulfill objectives by going places and painting things. Like if Dead Rising was all about the camera or if Pokemon Snap had no rails.


Pooped at the store, and the motion detector flushed it while I was still sitting.


Merry Christmas, everybody. Keep on being great.


Voltron's over and that makes me sad, but also happy because it's complete, and good from start to finish. One of my favorite shows ever.


I dont remember who recommended The Haunting of Hill House but it's pretty good and I'm glad I watched it.


This gave me a giggle.


Working nighttimes is weird. Still getting used to weekends that begin on Saturday morning instead of Friday evening. In other news, DAMN Yakuza 0 is impressive. There's a whole movie's worth of plot in Chapter One alone.


AEIOUandsometimesY Dudes!


Happy Birthday, Dere! Go ride your turdwagon someplace special.


Happy late birthday to Hlarge. You deserve it. Also not-late happy birthday to Retrofraction, whose username I often misread as faction.


I think I'm too late, but Happy Birthday, Mr Blues! You're goood people.


Every time a Qpost hits 101, the word "Wonderful" runs through my head. I haven't even played that game.


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