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The CNet Boycott is Over: GameSpot is Still Up and I am Taking Full Credit for It


Well, gang, I did it! I toughed it out and defeated the CNet boycotters! I can't say I am surprised, though, as they didn't really put up much of a fight to begin with...kind of like France minus all of the brilliant thinkers. As you can see in the screenshot above, the GameSpot site it still up! It appears that with my cunning and sheer willpower, I fended off the protesters for the full 24 hours. I am quite proud.

From now on, I hope you all think of me when you hear the phase "Live to Win" because, as of right now, I am both living and winning. And as I take a sip of apple juice pored by Jeff Gerstmann himself, I celebrate my victory by going back to business as usual: playing video games and continuing to not visit GameSpot.

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