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Celebrating DToid the only way I know how


...with a goofy photoshop and Christian Bale. Predictable, ain't I?

Destructoid is open for everyone, but at the same time, it's feels like a privilege just to be here. I love this site. I love love love love love love this site. I love the way it makes me laugh, I love the way it keeps me informed, I love its community and I love the way it tucks me into bed at night.

I love it here (as previously mentioned).

I came here in early summer, 2007 (I think...I can barely tell time let alone read calenders) and instantly fell in love. Everyone here is amazing. I could go on and on about your awesome posts and your unbelievably great senses of humor. Before I found DToid and its great community, I had no plans to become part of an online community and never would have expected to become friends with anyone on the internets. And yet here I am, blabbering on like an idiot. I seriously hate getting all sappy, as I am usually a very guarded person, but everything I'm saying is true. What have you done to me, DToid?!

That said, I plan on sticking around like an unwanted house quest. So get out the extra blankets and clean the bathroom, because I'm here to stay, baby!

Your favorite Power Ranger - Riser Glen

P.S.: If you are in California and come into contact with Charlie, can you give him a punch for me? Just say "This is from Glen" and give him a good ol' energy drainer on his right shoulder. He'll know what it means.
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