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This One is Not For the Fans

Warning: There are going to be some spoilers of Danganronpa V3. Sorry, who am I kidding? We’re swinging for the fences with the big major spoilers. So if you plan to give Danganronpa V3 a punt, then just slide on past this blog.....


Riobux’s Yearly Awards: The Fourth Declaration

As we launch ourselves into 2018 after what can be best described as a volatile and chaotic year, we consider the games in our wake. Truth be told, I believe we’ve gotten quite our share of games, both awe inspiringly great and ...


The World of Riobux in 2017

Howdy gang. This is going to be a bit of an odd blog I think. There’s definitely scatterings of video games here, and some bits about Destructoid as well, but the focus doesn’t lie there. As egomanical as it is, the focus ...


E3 Changes Structure For 2018 - Yellow News

Spokesperson for E3, Catherine Schultz, announced prior to E3 that E3 2018 would “give the public what they want: An event dedicated to post-release content and sequels”. In a press release, Schultz wrote: “We've rea...


Riobux's Yearly Awards: 3rd Time's the Charm

Another year has passed since the last Yearly Awards I did. In contrast to that one and the one before it, not much has happened. I continued to work over at Bagogames as a reviewer/previewer, and I continued to be part of the rec...


Venture into the Borderlands - Epilogue

I admit that it was very recent that I knew I wouldn't be able to end this series without doing a general review. The entire Let's Play has been a moment-by-moment perspective, nit picking the details without acknowledging how it all string...


Venture into the Borderlands - Part 11: Finale

If you're new to the area, firstly welcome! Secondly, it is never too late to start reading up on my written Let's Play of Borderlands as you can find links at the bottom!This was the part of the Let's Play that I had actually been looking ...


Riobux's Yearly Awards: 2nd Serving

Since The Riobux Yearly Awards list last year, wow, things have occurred. Both good, and a bit of bad. I had stopped doing my analytical blogs as writer's block hit me hard hard as an ailment hitting me harder and harder over...


About Riobuxone of us since 5:18 AM on 03.23.2013

Hey, I'm Riobux. I joined Destructoid a good deal back due to Podtoid when Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes and Conrad Zimmerman used to do it, and when Phil & Spencer did the Destructoid Twitch channel. I'm a Sociology With Psychology graduate who has a particular interest in videogame culture and the creation of videogames. These days I just punt out recaps, but you can also find me creeping around news story comments.

When I'm not here attempting to act like a civilised being, making odd jokes only I snigger at or being way too late with posting recap, I can be found on Bagogames attempting to ramble as a previewer/reviewer.

You may also find me working out how the hell the new strange world of social media on Twitter works at @Riobux.