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Lupin III: The First was a lot of fun. Kinda derivative of Castle of Cagliostro but that's not a bad thing whatsoever.


I'd really like a Highlander game. But a good one.


Here's your daily "Fuck Corporations" use it how you desire.


So... Parallel Eternity is pretty fuckin' good.


He will not deign to acknowledge we exist and I respect that.


Got so done with Steam recommending me hentai that I just straight-up blocked the "Nudity" and "Sexual Content" tags. Dog unrelated.


Apparently Warhammer 2 had its turn time issue patched and it's a fucking godsend. I am back to my hours on end of playing as Vlad von Carstein and loving it.


d o g (also, my SO is delightful and a treasure and taking these pictures is only one of the many excellent and adorable things she does.)


In other news, the role of my SO's dog will now be played by a Junji Ito drawing.


where freedom planet 2 give freedom planet 2


As someone who wasn't around for the RE8 trailer, I would like to just throw myself on the "crush me please giant woman" pile


So... got XCOM Enemy Unknown to work again, but there's a bit of an issue. I'll elaborate in the comments because this is kinda stressful for me.


Bought Scott Pilgrim even though I did the massive blog about how I wasn't gonna buy it. I'm infuriated at myself.


Apparently a character comes with the FFVII music DLC for Smash Ultimate? That's weird.


First post of 2021, pretty glad it's this one.


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