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...Well, Devourer of Worlds was far shorter than expected. Didn't expect Fortnite to become Star Fox tho.


My lifelong dream is to someday be quoted in a Jim Sterling video as though I am a relevant commentator on these issues.


Whatcha gonna do when Pinko Commie Liberalism comes for you, BROTHER?!


I know the Dragon's Dogma anime is supposed to be horrible, but did it at least have Into Free?


Dear fantasy/sci-fi writers, please stop having slavery/oppression allegories then passing them off as comic relief or background elements. Unless you REALLY want to establish how shitty your setting is, that shit is important.


Annnnyways after my Minecraft celebration... fuck it, time for a victory lap before everything goes to shit again.


It's okay, Donald. You can always build your wall in Minecraft.


He thinks you need to have an intervention.


Until the final numbers are in this Dtoid account doubles as an SO's dog appreciation account.


Happy for everyone who voted to get America a better tomorrow. Here, have your reward.


Gonna distract you guys from the upcoming horror show with a very good boy watching some TV.


Has anyone noticed Jim Sterling is just the best JoJo villain of all time?


I'm Riley1sSpook the whole year round this time. You cannot stop me. Muahahahaha!


By no means great, but Blood of Zeus was pretty solid and had a cool villain.


...I'd actually really like DMC 4 on Switch.


Time to wait for Rockstar Support to respond so I can delete my second Rockstar account and transfer my actual account to the right E-Mail. Could be a while.


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