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Band of Bloggers: Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry is a film in which a badass protagonist goes on a plotless journey with the same guy playing every video game cliche in the book, so as to smash a bad guy, and rescue his wife. (Presumably so he can smash her in ver...


Why I love Stellaris

So, I absolutely love Stellaris, Paradox Interactive's strategy game in which you run a space-faring empire of any sort. You have all sorts of selectable ethics and civics, and, in something I rarely experience, the ability to ac...


Criticism & Value of Katana ZERO

So, let me preface my first blog post in which I take the piss out of recent indie game Katana ZERO by stating that Katana ZERO is still an awesome game that has awesome and creative meta-narratives, plenty of secrets (We still do...


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