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I want a beat-em-up with Overwatch characters both as playabale characters and bosses. I'd really like to see how Doomfist would play out as a beat-em-up boss.


What's the easiest way to get into 40K lore? I've been into Fantasy for a while now and now the lore of 40K is interesting me. Mind you, just the lore, I'm not spending moneys on it.


While I loved the gameplay and the general crazy shit in Katana ZERO, I can't help but be disappointed by it in the end. Elaboration in comments. (Spoilers)


No, you will never receive context.


Random question for Destructoid: Who's your favorite villain? Any medium, any work.


I want another F.E.A.R. The original is quite possibly my favorite shooter. The sequels aren't as good (I particularly dislike Project Origin) but I want another one. Please.


So, I can't upload photos to Community Blogs. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem. Either way, it's odd.


A Berserk-themed metal band? Why, yes, I would pay good money for that. Why do you ask?


That Preston Garvey account is giving me flashbacks.


Did anyone here manage to A Rank every stage in Hotline Miami? If so, how'd you pull it off and what mask did you use? Crackdown and Hot & Heavy are giving me serious trouble.


https://destructoid.com/review-devil-may-cry-5-544271.phtml THE TIME HAS COME AND SO HAVE I.


What exactly is Daemon x Machina? I love its visual style and I'm wondering if I should check out the demo after work.


Today, Deltarune hits Switch. Tomorrow, we will be a week away from DMC5. This fills me with MOTIVATION.


Is the Hallelujah Chorus just Jesus's version of One-Winged Angel?


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