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Fun for the whole family.

It has been awhile since our last post. We've been in hibernation. Even though we know you all wouldn't know a good thing if it slithered into your colon we have decided to unleash these new; non-gaming, non-threatening blogs upon your non...


24 Hour Halo Marthon

Join the Dark Colossi in battle. From now until tomorrow at 3pm, we will be playing. Watch us live on webcam or chat. You may be in our next video. http://www.DarkColossi.com/observe.html Gamertags = Doctor Umbrella & Righteous Ice ...


Broke up with my girlfriend over videogames

She said it's either me or Halo. So I got a date with Master Chief and some lotion tonight. *Pumps chest* got to keep it real. There were other debilitating aspects to our relationship as well, such as she was paralyzed and I was a diabe...


This ever happen to anyone?

So I canceled my gamefly.com account a couple days ago. I had the max amount of games I could have out at the time, and a couple in my queue. When I got rid of it, they informed me I had 7 days to return my games or I would have to pa...


Video Review of Conflict: Denied Ops

Greetings, this is Righteous Ice, otherwise known as the Blue Colossus, bringing you a video review of the "gem" Conflict: Denied Ops. http://darkcolossi.blogspot.com/2008/02/video-review-of-conflict-denied-ops.html Exclusive.. You won't ...


Worst list of all-time

Got this list of top ten console multiplayer maps of all-time from gamebattles.com. First off, the site is horrible, me and Red spent several pointless minutes logging in and out so we could join the doubles ladder; many times we would be n...


A review of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Plain and simple; if you liked WindWaker, then you’ll love Phantom Hourglass. If you didn't like WindWaker, then you'll probably still love Phantom Hourglass. Beedle’s ship, the dancing mailboxes, the Hermesesque delivery man, the music ...


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Playing Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Gears of War, and Virtua Fighter 5 a lot recently, because I like to destroy people in all of them, which I am proficient at. My gamertag is Righteous Ice if you're looking for a spirited match of something.

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