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XBLA Wishes and a new resolution

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!! And to a few of you, I hope you're enjoying a 4-day weekend! Sorry if I've missed saying happy new years personally, really. But I meant to do this yesterday, srsly.

OK, I'm ready to Friday! And, after reading some c-blogs and random posts out on the internet right before the transition into 2009, I realized I'm not as happy with XBLA and NXE as I could be, and maybe some others could agree.

My XBLA Wish? XBLA needs something like a Home/Arcade-ish Room!! Damnit!! Naowww!! M-eowww!

NXE + a feature or two from Home or Second Life - furniture - random DLC = Retro MP Gaming Win?

I had an idea to try and help the frustration of wanting to play retro games and instead of just creating a room and sitting too long in an empty room alone.. Why not implement an easy solution in XBLA? But, as it will prolly be ignored/never implemented, after reading some playstation gamer's posts & comments about home, I'm wondering then, is the true answer to this problem that I should just buy a PS3 to "get what I need"? I already have Second Life though, and they have a retro arcade that has some light traffic occasionally. Heck, in SL one of the arcades even has a ticket dispenser and prizes that you can pick out and win for getting high scores, etc. But, SL really has alot to go in ways of having real arcade games. Sure they have skee-ball, and street fighter, but, well, it's pretty lame compared to actually playing Skee ball or Street Fighter in the real or XBLA arcade.

In sum, my 360 is fine for my g/f to play games, and voice chat, and find games with her friends on all the time. I can hardly get on it since about a year or so ago...(Hence my initial addiction to reading DToid.. LOL).. My main problem is all these other multiplayer games (particularly retro XBLA games made before Castle Crashers) needs some way of letting everyone that already owns them see that there is still some activity and people playing without going to online forums and pleading or begging someone to play with them. (Ok that just sounds bad.)

Anyways.. I think the solution is simple, and would look something like this...


There could be a LED or light bulb in the (already too slow) games library list that can show you how much online activity there is for those games.. (kinda like how within Bungie's site, or within Halo 3 there is all kinds of stats.) Ok, enough whining on why I'm not really as happy with XBLA/NXE as I could be.

Now that's done.. I'm now going all personal and livejournal-ish here, so if you want just skip this, to keep your Friday happy, please feel free to skip away!..

I usually try and make some resolutions that (unfortunately) are usually broken rather quickly. But, the main thing I wanted to focus on here and now is RELUCTANCE.

Reluctance isn't usually something for a resolution.. I mean, I could, and have said weight and dropping a few pounds (or more) is needed.. Or, to quit smoking, drinking or something else addictive.


Nah, those are always going to be a daily struggle and I've made those before.

Reluctance can be something far more problematic, in a way. My reluctance to care, change or take a chance on something (or someone) is something I've had more problems with as of late. I'm getting more negative or jaded thinking now, about stupid local things like people (who act like I better be a walking wallet or I should just go die in a fire..geez too much drama to get into here) >.> and about success as an indie developer again I guess.

Also, the big projects I have around (unfinshed game projects) that are demanding me to finish them and I don't have everything I need to continue. Seeing Randombullseye's BonerQuest come to fruition has given me some hope to continue working on indie projects again (even if they seem like they're teh doomed at the start, in a way lately)..I apologize if anyone's still been waiting on me, or them, coz holidays kept us overwhelmed and well, I need more time and resources to continue working them. There is also, realistically, the chance they may now not get done. Ever. Why? Well, if things don't change in 30-45 days, (like a stable job that doesn't jerk me over, besides all this area's many problems) my indie game designing dream will be over. For good, for real.

Back on my main point, about reluctance. Where I live, people love to be stubborn, this attitude does not bode well or seem very helpful to someone like me. As so far as when I mention I make games to people. They straight up laugh in my face like I'm some kind of circus clown or I'm chasing the stupidest dream imaginable. Point, in fact, an aging politician ran for re-election (for Senate) based on TV ads that he was stubborn. He was re-elected. This is a very reluctant kind of life. I don't want this, and I won't embed the commercial of him coz its pointless politics and just moot now.

I hope to resolve my shortcomings sooner or "die trying" .. Video games (as well as Technology and Science in general - Pluto is no longer considered a planet now) move way too fast for a reluctant kind of life. Ignoring new things is probably the surest way to fail with technology. I guess if I'm not open to change, not open to new things or ideas I will be teh doomed to fail, or a Republican. LOLOL ;D

Credits: All (C) screens are all rights reserved by respective owners. No claim or infringement is intended. Arcade picture/poster http://cinemarcade.com/desktops.html. This post text in and of itself is 100% me. Also, cough...MS if you want to use this idea, then can I have some $$? loollol.. In other words, a man can dream can't he?
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