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The Dark Souls of Metal Albums: The Inveterate Fire by Firelink Review


Every so often I like to jump onto Bandcamp and check out some new bands. It had been a while since my last visit, so I had a lot to peruse. While jumping around the trending metal artists a bit of striking artwork caught my eye. And, as a rule if the artwork catches me I oblige myself to listen to at least one full track. So I clicked the preview track and when the artist's name and song name popped up my interest in what was playing piqued my interest further.

The band's name is Firelink and the song playing was 'Kindled'. You should know why this caught my attention (especially if you read the title of this post). And the reverb filled, somber tones of the song's intro filled my headphones it occurred to me this isn't just a band covering the terrific music of From Software's masterpieces, but wholly original music inspired by the soft crackle of the bonfire's soothing, but brief respite. And then the metal kicked in.

Hoo boy! Taking the form of proggy black metal, grim and ashen soundscapes were shredded through with thrashy riffing and sinister snarls. Atmospheric undertones got punctuated by soaring guitar leads ebbing and flowing with death metal growls and blast beats. I died!

I was so impressed at how fluently Firelink were able get all these layers to work together without coming across jarring or amateurish. I just had to listen to the rest. And while it's not a debut album without its occasional flaw, 'The Inveterate Fire' is a worthy homage to one of the greatest trilogies ever.

'Vessel of the Primordial Serpent' is ripping blackened thrash beast and 'Manus' incorporates shattering funeral doom textures with atmospheric black metal tremolo attacks. 'Beckoning Sun' praises the sun with major chords creating a sense of triumph and the proggy goodness of 'The First Sin' almost makes me want to say good things about Dark Souls 2 (for the record, decent game, but not a good Dark Souls game imo).

For the price of 'pay what you want' (meaning if you give the artist less than 5 bucks your kind of an asshole) you get 5 tracks running about 45 minutes. Perfect album length. If you're a fan of more extreme forms of metal and like the Souls trilogy you owe it to yourself to give this album a good listen. 4 Bonfires out of 5.

Here's the link to Firelink's Bandcamp page where you can stream it for free and purchase it if you like it: Firelink's Bandcamp Page


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