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This stupidity has led to some pretty funny memes. Bonus NSFW in comments.


This looks like a really neat first person puzzle adventure. Love that art style and weirdness. Definitely going onto the top of the wishlist!


Mad props to the behind the scenes team! Sure, the redesign didn't go perfectly smooth but it went smoother than I thought it would. I can still use Qtoid and my legacy Disqus and that's what's important :) FP looks snazzy! You got this!


Dear Dtoid Overlords. I'd happily pay for an ad free front page experience. Just sayin';) Otherwise it looks great!


And that's Strangeland finished. So very good! Beautiful surreal horror that brings to mind I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream and it hit me really hard in the feels. Mad props to Wormwood and Wadjet Eye for yet another home run!


I don't like singling people out for stuff like this but do want to keep the #PositivityForward trend going so I'm gonna be boring and say you are all awesome. Thanks for the smiles and putting up with me. Keep being great!


Grabbed this limited series the other day and burned right through it. Final issue hits in a few weeks and I can't wait! If Silence of the Lamb by way of Don Bluth sounds up your alley, get on this asap! Have a great day all!


Have a relaxing Sunday all!


Cleaning out my mess of a meme folder and found a few that aged like warm milk :p Still love Nintendo even if they abuse me. They only do it because they love me!


Have a great weekend everyone!


After being stuck in a MN post office for over a month and 10 days in customs, my Aesop Rock tshirt is finally here and it's amazers and super comfy! Go Larry Go Larry Go Go Go!


I'm enjoying Ori 2 so much more than 1. Every issue I had with 1 is addressed and improved on. Even the escape scenes are amazing and rival DKC! It's 50% off (€15) on the eShop till tomorrow so if you haven't played it yet, get on that deal!


Finally Friday! Have a great one all!


Anevilyak reminded me how outstanding Gibbous is. If kitties, Eldritch Horror, and point and clicks are your jam, it's a must play. And it's currently on sale. Just dipped again for the Switch version myself.


This looks pretty cool! A super pretty pixel art text heavy noir detective game with animals. Looks like it's coming to consoles this year too!


That DQ news overload was a great start to the day! Looking to learning more. Hopefully it's all not too far off. Hope you all have a joyful day!


Just want to shout out Jordan for increasing the amount of blogs getting front paged recently! That was something I was really missing and hope it keeps up and you all keep writing them. Also, read Flegma's blog on maps, it's outstanding! Pic unrelated.


I wrote a shitty blog about point and click games. It could have been something better and more interesting but it isn't. I'm lazy and if I didn't click publish I would have never have. Drop by and shout out some of your favorite P&Cs! Pic unrelated


Out of morbid curiosity I looked at the comments of a Biden FB post. Deer lord! Someone needs to teach these racists humor. "More like bLIEden! Ha, got you libtard!". Sigh.. Anyhoo, have a great day!!!


Always know where your towel is.


Been back to my replay of DQ11s (played vanilla on ps4) and I gotta say, it's the best port I've played on the Switch to date. What are the best Switch ports in your opinion? The Switcher 3 also gets high praise from me too!


May you all have a delightful day!


Just noticed Ori and the Will-O-the-Wisps is 50% on the eShop (EU) right now. I liked the first alright, hopefully this fixes my complaints. Pic unrelated


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