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Have a great and relaxing Sunday!


Have a great weekend! Go Team Big Man!


XBC3 finished at 100hrs! What a ride! Easily my favorite of the whole Xeno series. I still have quite a bit of side quests but will start getting on those when the story expansion rolls around. Now to practice for Splatfest! Go team Big Man! Pic unrelated


Rave on Raven!!! May today be filled with answers to all your questions! Have a great birthday!!!


I'd like to interrupt your regularly scheduled bread shit posting to wish you a delightful Autumn Equinox! Good bye Summer. Bring on flannel, hoodies, feeling like a functioning human being, spiced tea, apple cider, and beautiful colors! Have a great day!


One thing I love about From games is even if I've been through them multiple times (ER once) I couldn't tell you nothing about the story nor care to figure it out. It's all just delightfully spooky vibes. But you can decipher it if you want. That's rad.


My favorite bread; black rye. The local bakery makes it every Thursday and, like clockwork, I'm there first thing at 7am for a fresh loaf. One of life's greatest pleasures! What's your favorite bread! #RiseUp


Caught this at the cinema today. Beasts Clawing At Straws. There's a bag of money, a crime boss, and a bunch of idiots. You know the rest. Big Coen Bros vibe, well written, and entertaining. Give it a watch! Trailer is spoilerific, avoid it ;)


The reviews for DioField Chronicle are rolling in and they are above average. Very much want but it'll have to wait because my plate just is too full. Demo was great! I hope Square keeps the trajectory they're on. I'll buy it all, just need more time!


This looks like a pretty rad boomer shooter. If it performs well on Switch I'm in.


Gonna do some digital decluttering. If your name on Switch, Playstation, or Steam is different than it is here drop a comment so I don't delete. :)


That Harvestella demo was actually kinda pretty fun. I think it's a buy when it hits €40.


Blue- On or near day 1. Yellow- Eventually. You?


As much as I'm looking forward to it and loved the first, I'm thinking about nixing my GoW2k18 2 pre-order. €80 is a hefty ask and with holiday sales I could probably get it at an acceptable price. Fuckin' fomo. What about y'all? Pic unrelated.


The new album by The Mars Volta is SSS tier! They traded their hyperkinetic psychedelic freakouts for a more concise, straightforward, and chill vibe but still retaining their highly unique sound. My highest of recommendation.


The K in Kpop stands for Kiryu.


My top 3 hype games from yesterday not named Zelda: Octopath 2, Pikmin 4, Like a Dragon: Ishin. Shoutout to Theaterhythm but I got a bad feeling they're gonna charge €100 or more for the full version and fuck that jazz. Have a great day!


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