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Hope you are all having a great week!


I tried boiling sausages in vodka. It was the absolut wurst! Happy birthday AbsolutFreak and Gus! Have a great one!


Heya comic fans! Humble has an outstanding Heavy Metal bundle going filled with great stuff! I'm definitely a bigger fan of the older stuff not in the bundle, but what's here is still worth your time. Especially the Taarna comics! #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Well, that's a nice way to start the day. Jumped on Dtoid to find my first fp promo! Thanks Dtoid! Hope you all have a great day!


I wrote a janky blog. Give me validation and check it out. It's short. Thank you for your time. Pic unrelated.


Since I'm on a Lovecraftian video game jank binge I noticed Call of Cthulhu is €7.50 on psn. Anyone play it? Worth my time? Reviews are all over the place and I'd rather take the Dtoid community's word. I'm leaning towards buy.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Started playing The Sinking City (Switch) last night and hours just flew by. It's euro-jank to the extreme and the investigation is dumbed down compared to Holmes. But I'm really feeling it. I love the angle they took regarding Lovecraft's stories.


Hope you all have a great day!


I'm absolutely loving The Talos Principle. I can't believe I waited so long to play it. What are some recent 'I can't believe I waited so long to play it' games you've played? Pic unrelated.


In an old-school mood today.


Played some Cyberpunk on a base PS4 for the first time since near release. The new patches made a big improvement. It still looks like ass, but it's much smoother and not a constant bug-fest. It's, dare I say, acceptable.


Anyone have experience with TP Link products? I need a repeater because the wifi receiver on my TV sucks and I can't run a cable from the router across the house. They seem decent value for price just don't know the brand.


Or video game :) Like a Dragon/How to Get Away with Murder. Checks out ;)


And that's Like a Dragon finished! Just, WOW!


I don't think there's a modern buzzword I hate more than 'influencer'.


My backlog/rotation has gotten a bit out of control, so I wrote it down if anyone cares to take a peek or tell me what to play next. Pic unrelated.


Found Soulbow's ride! ;) Have a great day all!


I know what I'm ordering for dinner tonight!


Best song/video on the internet. That is all. Have a nice day :)


Happy birthday to the soul of Dtoid, Mr. Occams. Thank you for all the joy you bring to us nearly every day. I long for the day where we can meet up and sit in silence and just smile at each other. Have a great day! You deserve it!!!


My tablet's home screen. (Disqus is borked for me too...)


Had some free time today so I got a haircut and took a long 7km walk. Passing by Duomo di Milano now. I used to pass it every work day. It's been over a year since I saw it last. Never thought a big church would give me feels. But here we are...


So, Ashley's FP articles have been out of my generation and I really can't connect with them. However there are definitely sexism issues in games. Got me thinking: can you think of a time a female character was impeded because she was female?


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