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Zeal & Ardor are easily one of my favorite metal acts to come out in the past decade. Such a unique sound! They combine African American spiritual music style with black metal and boy is it effective! #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death is on sale at Humble for €1.24! I can not recommend this gem enough! It's gameplay is like old-school God of War and it's filled with charm and lots of explosions and 90's action film throwbacks. Link in comments.


There is a serious lack of black leading characters in video games and I'd like to see that change. How about today y'all post your favorite black characters, devs, musicians, artists, writers, etc. #BlackLivesMatter


Just want to give a Community Shoutout to, well, all of you. You are all great, and even if we don't regularly interact, just remember that this odd rando on some weird videogame site thinks you're all awesome! #Lovetoid


I made a Dtoid forum post as a wholesome haven. Come take a load off and post some wholesome memes and whatnot. :) Link in comments :)


I'm all for pacifism, but sometimes aggression is the only way to be heard after being ignored for so long. Looting may not be the best way to go about it but I get it. Stay safe my fellow Americans and pray this will lead to the change needed. Much love!


Glorious back cover in comments.


It gets better the more you look at it :p


Yesterday's tag was great! Love me some sad music. But I also believe in balance. So how 'bout today y'all post what makes you happy! Games, cocks, a song, etc. I love music, Muppets, and kitties, so this video brings me joy :) #Happytoid


For MeanderBot. You're one of my inspirations! (I didn't want to start trying to change his posture, so I just gave him a sign :) ) Also, if anyone wants to follow my learning to draw progress and give me encouragement, link's in the comments :) )


I can't do just one... Here's some Agalloch. :) "Here at the edge of this world; here I gaze at a pantheon of oak; a citadel of stone. If this grand panorama before me is what you call God; then God is not dead" #depressingbutbeautifulsongtoid


Ooooo! An excuse to post some music! This is one of my top tier favorite songs. It's depressing, but sometimes I find sad music to be uplifting. I hope you enjoy it :) #depressingbutbeautifulsongtoid


It's an Atmosphere kind of day. Big props to Mike Martin for introducing me to them many moons ago. :)


Happy Birthday Lokhe!!! Have a terrific day!!!!


Hey you wonderful computer savvy people, I need a hand please. My laptop keeps freezing when using Google Meet and presenting a screen. I can't use other programs because this is for work. More details in comments. Thanks in advance!!!!


Good morning all! Enjoy your day!


Stupid meme that made me chuckle.


Pretty accurate. Alcohol hasn't changed for me (a few glasses of wine a week). Coffee is spot on. Coffee is love. Coffee is life. Coffee is the universe. Coffee is 42.


Buongiorno a tutti!!! Hope you have a great day. Here's a pick of a RiffRaff household summer staple, Greek Pasta. My recipe in comments. #Foodtoid


My wife gave me a really great gift today! Love me some pins. I can think of one other Dtoider who would appreciate this :)


Good morning all! Here's to a great week! I think you all know which film contains my favorite Tim Curry role :) "Don't dream it. Be it!"


I signed up at Udemy yesterday and I'm beyond impressed with it's quality. The class I'm doing is great (drawing fundamentals) and the teacher is very interactive. They're doing a sale for €15 courses for today. Give it a shot and learn a new skill :)


An incentive to go use the Dtoid forums. I just posted a bunch of Steam games I'm giving away. Not all shit, some good ones in there. Ask for which one(s) you want in the forum comments :) Link in qtoid comments. Still got keys left bump!


Good morning all! Any of you have any suggestions for online drawing lessons? I don't mind paying a couple bucks. I want to refresh myself and maybe learn a couple things properly. Not too interested in human figures but animals, trees, and demons.


Only 5,273 more posts to go!!!!


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