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Year: 1997 Platform: PC Genre: Action/Adventure Developer: Mindscape My memories of this game came rushing back recently. I was cleaning out the area around my computer desk and I found a big stack of PC games from when I was a kid! I fo...


More Badasses: Geese Howard

Sometimes there are men so powerful, so feared that the mere mention of their name will send shivers down the backs of anyone, good or evil. Geese Howard is such a man. I am going to discuss who he is and why he is so badass (for those not ...


Review! Twinklestar Sprites

This is a great way to kickstart a small series of NeoGeo reviews I have planned. Year:1997 Developer:ADK System: Neo-Geo/Dreamcast/Saturn Genre: Puzzle/ Shmup. Sometimes a game comes along that is so goddamn amazing that I am baffled. ...


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