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My next year, or, do you like free stuff?


Hey Folks!

It's been a while. I've still got other things I need to write going forward but life's a beach. I'm going to be trying to improve my quality of life and I'm hoping to improve yours a little while I do so. This will be a multiphase project for me. With that in mind I'm going to be covering the phases.

Phase 1: What genres and games in those genres do you like?

This is somewhat unrelated to my other phases. But I'm very curious what style games do you like and what games in those styles would you say are standouts? These can be new, old, or anything in between. I can't quite say why I want to know without jinxing myself. But this data would be very useful for me.

A more succinct answer is better than a thirty game long list. However I'm not against people gushing. Your information will strongly impact my free time in 2021. No pressure. This is a bit unique from the last time I asked. I'm still collecting (and playing) games people suggested in a previous blog. This question is more...constructive than explorative.

Phase 2: Monthly Game Giveaway(s).

Going forward I'm going to be trying to stream a lot more. The structure of that streaming is going to be difficult for me to formulate for now. In the start I'm going to stream any time I'm feeling well. But over time once I get into a cadence I'd like to do it quite a lot. You might be asking yourself "Why in the hell would I want to watch your streams?"

This is a great question and I have a pretty selfish answer for you. I'm going to potentially pay you for your time. Before you get too excited let me clarify. Each month I'm going to pick at least one person from my streams and vods that meets a few metrics. That person is going to be given a game of their choice (up to 60 dollars, no asking me for Neo Geo shit, Wry).

For people outside of the US this will possibly be strictly digital because I don't want to break any laws. And if at any point we find out we are doing something less than legal I'm going to need to change it so that it IS legal. No purchase necessary though. Welcomed but in no way required.

"Alright Jerkguin, what are the metrics?"

I'm a little concerned how good you are at asking questions. But alright I'll list them out:

  1. You've watched my streams for at least long enough to earn "moosecoins". This, currently, only requires 10 minutes of viewership.
  2. You comment at least once on either the stream and/or at least once on my YouTube videos.
  3. You don't get in trouble with me for being a jerkwad.
  4. You must be an actual human. Any random bots that show up are immediately disqualified.
  5. You don't try to abuse my kindness. I can refuse anyone for any reason. I probably won't, but I can. Don't ruin a good thing for you or other people.
    1. Worst case scenario on this I'd just have people "sign up" for my contests and you'd be set for life after you are validated as being a cool fleshbag rather than a Torchman.

What about bonus metrics?

  1. Subscribers or (when I have access to it) YouTube members will get their entries doubled for that month.
    1. Before this upsets you too much. If I get enough traction I will increase the number of winners each month. I just want to reward people for the support. I'll pick winners on stream so that folks know it isn't rigged.
    2. Also this is binary. You are in a "points doubled" or "points not doubled" state. There is no way to game math and suddenly have enough for a fighter jet.
  2. YouTube subscribers I recognize also naturally get 1 automatic entry each month. I would ask you still check out at least one video but I'm not requiring it. If you have an esoteric YouTube name (Like if Lawman's YouTube name was DandyDan or something random) just tell me somewhere and I'll keep notes so that you get counted.

Oh...awkward. Not much yet...

I will be keeping track of people and likely updating the list once a week. That list of potential winners each month will be accessible online for anyone to look at at any time. The plan is a google document once I read up on that.

The reason for having both YouTube uploads and streams as options for winning is that we are all busy people. Some people can't watch my Twitch streams. And we both know I'll have some bad weeks. With YouTube you can run videos without actually watching and I'd be none the wiser. All videos for that month are fair game. Each Contest will end the day before the end of the month unless stated otherwise.

That extra day is so I can count up the winners and prep a stream to record me picking the winner. If I use software to do so it'll be something open source or a well known tool like random.org. If something isn't "truly random" and I get people raging at me I'm probably going to just ban them from the contest(s) and keep the fun times rolling with everyone else. I'm too old for that nonsense anymore.

"Ok, that's cool man. Do you have a points breakdown?"

This is not eternal/unchanging but for now the following is how it will work. Assuming I can keep up with keeping track:

  1. Each moosecoin on Twitch is worth 1 entry. (So 1 point per 10 minutes per Twitch stream).
    1. If you want to farm you could mute the tab I'm on and twitch should still earn you points. If you manually set volume down on the video I believe it stops giving you coins. Just as a heads up.
  2. Each youtube video you (non-spammily) comment on is worth 1 entry.
    1. There is no benefit in the contest to commenting more than once on a video. Please don't spam because I am pretty sure that gets YouTube mad at the uploader.
    2. Please actually let the video play. But that isn't required, that's just a soft request from me.
  3. Occasional Twitch games will allow you to earn extra points.
  4. Occasional blogs and qposts will allow you to earn extra points.
  5. If you refer someone to my streams or YouTube and they become one of those premium supporters I will do my level best to give you credit for that as well. (So if they sub but you don't you'd get the sub bonus).
    1. This is not cumulative. You can't just make 4 fake accounts and get x^4 entries lol. Its a binary, non subber or subber.
  6. You can gamble your coins generally on Twitch. This is dangerous though. I don't think the odds on those default games are very good. So don't do it unless you don't care. I'll remove it if enough people get sad by it. I'm not here to make people sad.

I think that is it. Keep in mind (for now) points will not roll over between months. Everyone starts at 0 on the 1st of each month. Winners are not disqualified from winning again. Winners can also gift their win to someone else (where legally permitted which I think is everywhere we all live).

Over 2021 we will refine this so that I can give people the most fun experience possible. Do you want Cyberpunk 2077 in December but can't afford it? Well if you watch a single YouTube video and comment on it. You've now got a non-zero chance of getting it for free that month. The comment helps me know you were there. I don't think I can see a list of all viewers on YouTube. Again, update me on who you are if your YouTube name is esoteric.

Do you want something else besides a video game that is at that 60 or below cost limit (ignore tax for this question for now)? If you win, just chat with me. We can try to work it out. Keep in mind that what people win is probably going to be public. So if you need 60 dollars in butt cream, that's fine. We all got butts. Just keep it in mind.

Ok, so that was a lot (or felt like it). And I'm likely forgetting things. This has been an exhausting couple of weeks at my new job. My brain is fried. But you probably are wondering, why? If I'm so busy how am I going to find time to stream or upload videos?

That would be Phase 3.

Phase 3: Completely dump social networking and daily doom scrolling.

Starting today (and so far I've pulled it off) I'm done checking social networks. No more twitter, no more instagram, already deleted my Facebook. I no longer give a single care about Reddit. Its all dead to me. Online news in general is completely off the table. Dtoid alone gets a pass because it covers amiibo buttplugs.

For 2021 I want to spend my free time playing games, making people happy, and improving my life. I have a special luxury for now that I can afford to give out stuff to people. And if I can create a solid feedback loop I could potentially become baby's first Mr. Beast. Will this get abused at some point? Probably, almost certainly. Someone is going to read this and be a jerk about it.

But we will worry about that when it comes. We'll solve the issue for that month and improve for the next month. Ultimately the end result is the same. If people end up hating this I'll cut out Phase 2. But at least for now 1 and 3 are locked in stone for 2021.

I will only be using the internet for the next year for a few specific things. YouTube videos (I watch science and game shows that I adore. Never brings me misery), writing, playing games, making games, streaming games, and giving away stuff to people. I'm done killing myself over things that I can't control. I'm going to start focusing on what I can.

For anyone skeptical. Corner Lawman. I mentioned him earlier but the last time I did this he made a few bucks off me. No bamboozle. This said, if you are ever uncomfortable with the contests I'd ask that you don't participate if that discomfort is unmendable. I don't want anyone participating if it brings them any level of misery.

I think that is it. Alright, that was hard. Now to go back and add gifs. I'm aware that I spelled a couple things wrong up there. I see those blue and red underlines on word. What we will do is act like I had enough energy to hot fix those things. As it stands I don't want break my image links.

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