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Step 1: Breathe

  Hey Folks!   The ole penguin has been noticing a bit of negativity on the qpost and he wanted to try and help a bit here. I mentioned it in a comment to another user but I want to start us off with a short video from my fav...


I hit the gym and deleted my Facebook.

Hey Folks,     I wonder how many people remember me? It has been a little bit of time I suppose since the last time I was here. But as is true with so many things it is sometimes the littlest briefest experiences that have th...


BoB - Breath of Fire III

I had meant to write this for last month's BoB. But then time decided to be an asshole and the month ended. So here we stand with me seeing the new theme. Something about a forest. Well guess what, there are forests in this game. Ok. On wit...


Rico's April Contest Results!

Another month has passed. We enter now into a month that never knows if it is going to do something or not. I occasionally write semi-masturbatory qposts reminding people that I do contests monthly currently. Entering them is incredibl...


Rico's April TwitchTube Giveaway!

Hey Folks! Well, well, well. Here we are! My first exploration into the world of bribery went down without a hitch! I'm now officially done with twitch affiliate and can return to streaming what I want, when I want, without feeling lik...


Rico's thoughts on Mental Health

Alright, so I had started this conversation in the comments section of qposts. But I feel like this requires a bit more time and nuance than that. There are a few things you need to know about me and the goal of this cblog before we ca...


Rico Reviews - The Last Jedi

It isn’t often that I write anymore. Not a big deal, I’m going to start working on it again and see if I can get to something close to functional. This might all seem like a strange way to open with a review and you aren&rs...


The Good and Bad of Loot Boxes

There is good and bad in nearly everything. Often it can simply be a matter of how you present something that can paint public perception. The latest hotness in conversation is that of loot boxes. You might not know this about me, but ...


Rico’s Games of the Year (2016)

I generally feel like there is some level of pressure to have surprises on a GOTY list. I’m gonna be flat out with you, you won’t be finding any of those today (I imagine). The structure will be pretty simple, first I&...


That thing you like is Garbage.

I frequent Destructoid (as you probably know if you are reading this), one of the most popular concessions made on the website is that your waifu, whoever she be, is trash. This profound discovery was first unearthed by Torchman and ha...


The Cynicism of the Commons

This is something I've been thinking about recently. There is just about nothing that comes out of video games that lacks controversy. It can be taxing and makes most video game news just disinteresting. You can't get excited about anythi...


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