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That spam bot going around the comments saying it bought an expensive car the moment it got a big paycheck has me shaking my head. That is fiscally irresponsible little bot. You shouldn't be blowing your money the second you have it.


Good god. My hands are not built for this shit anymore. Great game though.


I adore Arlo's reaction. Also, finally having seen it. Woo you can be the zombie. That would be my pick. That or Enderman. (Link in description since it looks broke for me on the post?)


I would suggest whenever something happens with a property that has millions of fans to just not be surprised by anything. When you have millions of people you end up with at least three or four unique opinions. Maybe five on a good day.


Playing that mobile mario kart for the pins. I haven't touched the controls once and the worst outcome has been 2nd place lol.


My positive feelings towards Mario 64 as a child seem to be only amplified as an adult. Every level has been either a joy or so short that it doesn't overstay its welcome. Controls are just as good as I remember. I honestly have no personal complaints.


Built some furniture today. Only broke one piece while doing so. A new record!


If I don't have to take any kind of bullshit survey for the Xbox I'm just flat out getting it at launch.


I'm not privy to how the DRM works for optical drive consoles. Is there anything (besides $$$) that stops these digital consoles from accepting any external optical (format appropriate) drive?


http://twitch.tv/oafkad - Gonna be doing game dev for a couple hours. If anyone is interested.


"so we will be inviting some of our existing consumers" It stuns me that capitalism got so gross that consumer is what we call customers. Makes the whole process sound even more vile that it often is.


Sometimes it really is best to just start from scratch. Finally some progress. This weekend should mostly just be fun stuff.


Because of my move I was unable to continue doing Bass's Flaming Hot Jam. I am however still going to finish my game. I'll simply do it for Bass's Room Temperature Jam that is comprised of only me. Details in comments.


Might do a full review on it once I'm done but honestly I really like the Battletoads game. It absolutely murders my hands but I've been having a great time and it frequently makes Liz and I laugh. Can tell it was a passion project.


To answer the "How do you want to die?" question. I want it to be a surprise and while I'm sleeping. I want folks to talk about me like they do serial killers after the fact. "He was such a nice guy, I never would have thought this would happen."


Drove 28 hours over 4 days but I'm finally in Iowa. Very peaceful. Cats are finally exploring our new house. Good times.


Funny note on this whole disqus thing. I've never been able to see downvotes here. I only saw them in the summary when you click the red notifications bubble. I liked that model because I genuinely do not see the benefit of making negativity easier.


Can't really play ghosts or death Stranding (again) until after move. Tragic!


For anyone that couldn't get their Ubisoft rewards yesterday: https://support.ubisoft.com/en-US/News/000056669/Ubisoft-Forward-Rewards (Link also in comments)


What I find most funny about this whole Bakugan thing is that I don't know what it is. I missed the presentation and only know the name from qpost and discord. I'm building my own head canon now about what it is.


Wife told me she was concerned about our packing speed because one of the closets hadn't been touched. 30 minutes of grunting later it is empty. Not about to let concern enter this household >:(.


We already know that some people are insatiably greedy. This cannot be helped I don't think. All I want from them is to just admit it. Stop telling customers that higher expense is for their own good. Just own up to being greed monsters.


Everytime someone mentions Death Stranding I smile. That game definitely had an impact on me.


Imagine being a spam bot for tourism in the middle of a pandemic. That has to be one of the saddest robo existences.


Finally beat Shadow Tactics on the day it is leaving game pass. Good game, moderately frustrating, but the high points are fairly high.


The stars have aligned! You must both now battle to the death!


Whenever a YouTube channel I like uploads and I see that it is Cyberpunk content I get such whiplash. Because I'm thinking "Yay! New stuff to watch!" then "Boo! I already know I want that game :'(..."


Thought yesterday was Friday. Woke up today thinking I didn't have work. That's a real sticky wicket!


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