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Mass Effect 3 - The end of the end

I guess I'm a little late for the discussion, but those kind of details never stopped me. Anyway: Mass Effect 3 is a highly subjective game. It has to be - one made so many decisions in the prequels that it's nearly impossible for anyone ...


About art games, conflict, roller coasters and Portal

I agree with Jim's recent Jimquisition that there is no place for games which try to be books or movies (exception: Visual Novels, but even those enhance the experience by giving the player the power of choice, which can't be accomplished a...


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What am I doing here? I have a gaming website of my own! Alas, it's in German, so unless you don't want to take a crash course into that just for reading my awesome articles over at dailydpad.de, I guess you're out of luck.

But worry not! Sometimes I will write stuff here. In my broken, broken English, which may or may not sound stuffy at times and probably wouldn't get past a modern style check if I bribed all of the editors.

I've been playing video games for over twenty years now, so I guess I know my stuff. That doesn't keep me from being wrong, which is quite wonderful at times, because everything else would be a bland existence. I've also been writing about video games for over four years now, so I guess I'm not too bad on that side either.

If you think I'm right with any or every of my blog entries, I'd be delighted if you commented. Same goes for me being wrong. And if you like me, let's hold hands!