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One small step....

I have found myself in the resonably relaxed employ of the Baltimore County Public Library branch for going on the past two years. In those two years I have seen the system adopt portable mp3 players with preloaded books, do away with case...


One angry Marylander

*sigh* Last night I submitted a request to the Dept Of State through the FOIA to secure any documents , laws , or legal statutes for the state of MD that pertain to contests of chance and or gambling through tournaments. One might be wo...


Das Uber DS

First and foremost I apologize for the lackluster title of the post...It's been a long day. Anyway I ordered a new r4 for my Ds( the r4 is a modified DS cart that lts you use homebrew , roms , mp3 , and other neat shit on a micro sd on your...


Movies in REV-iew: Juno

Y'know I have to admit that so far December has kicked my ass in terms of mainstream cinema. First there was "I Am Legend" which I thought was the best attempt to make the book into a movie to date(comparing to the other two). Then "Walk Ha...


Smoke weed= No Wii GHIII

I decided to do my runs through the net while I'm stuck at the mother-in-laws and I came across this;title;4 Gr...


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I am a gamer, plain and simple. I've been one for most of my life and it doesnt show any signs of slowing. I enjoy following the cultures, trends, and up to date news going on within the multiverse known as "modern gaming". My first console was an Atari 2600, the first time I remember playing a game was Afterburner at Aladins Castle. I named my first and only son after a port city in a video game. It is my passion and my obsession rolled into one. I am Revolutionary and I am a gamer.

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