DeS: Smash Bros fan sends bomb threats to Nintendo NYC

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GTA IV DLC New, Entire Cities?

Oh snap. Kotaku is reporting on a rumor about the GTAIV DLC being entire new cities. If this were to happen, I would probably shit my pants. Story here. It doesn't seem like there's concrete evidence yet, but even as just a rumor this c...



I figured since a lot of you are whining like children, that I would join in on the fun. OK, so Live wasn't working well for about like 6 hours on Friday. Or, wait. I'm pretty sure I was playing COD4 online for most of the day. And I'm p...


DOS Emulator = Old Game Heaven

Lifehacker has come through one again and posted a link to a DOS emulator for all platforms and it's wonderful. It's called DOSBox. Seems to have a pretty active community behind and runs a TON of games. I just fired up The Secret Isla...


Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

I thought I might as well enter this contest. No reason not to. These are my computers: The PC is a custom build. It still runs great, although the case is pretty shitty. It's current specs are: AMD Athlon X2 4800 overclocked to 2.8 g...


Rockstar 1, EA -4

As I woke up from a night of drinking, I checked my list of usual websites and stumbled upon this gem on Joystiq. To summarize for those that donít want to read it: Rockstar has integrated a system into GTA4 where if you hear a song o...


Why Left 4 Dead Will Probably Disappoint Me

I have an addiction. Not to something fun like meth. Or even cigarettes. I have an addiction to zombie movies. And Iím not gonna sugar coat it: its pretty unhealthy. Every time the power goes out my first thought is ďzombie outbreakĒ a...


Battlefield: Bad Company Beta Reflections

Iíve been playing the Battlefield: Bad Company Beta for the last day or so and thought I would offer up my opinions on the game. First off, let me say that Iíve never played any of the Battlefield games before, so I didnít really know wh...


An Introduction

Oh Destructoid, you've finally lured me into your van with promises of kittens and bicycles with neat little baskets and handlebar frills. I guess I'll start with my personal gaming history. My first memory of gaming is playing a random ...


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