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Late to the party: Fable II

So in my last blog I mentioned I'm completing the guild quests in Oblivion, which is true, but I'm also starting to suffer from Oblivion-itis. Dude, I have put something like 200+ hours into that game since it was originally released, and that's probably not even a correct estimate. So, I've been jonesing for another RPG to play.

Oh, you sassy, sexy street day you WILL be mine...

So, I decided to get Fable 2, which I honestly wasn't very interested in when it originally released. I was never much of a fan of the first Fable. I thought it was stiff, awkward, game whose paths were entirely too linear for my comfort. I know a lot of people loved it, but count me as one of those who didn't. I figured Fable 2 would be more of the same, but after a lot of people told me that they felt it was an improvement on Fable 1, I decided to give it an honest try, so now I am playing that for a bit while also working on Oblivion.

My initial impressions of the game are pretty positive, much more so than Fable 1 which I quit playing soon after the Hero's Guild crap or whatever where you have to play through your childhood. I really dig the production design MUCH better in this one. I like the Dickensian atmosphere, the great voice acting, and the overall sense of humor. Most importantly, apart from the clumsy menu system, the game is easy to play and doesn't take much brain-to-button thought. I also think the whole system of personalities and relationships with other characters and getting married and all that crap is much better implemented in this one (though I did find it funny that some chick wanted to marry me almost immediately after starting the game...GUESS I'M JUST A STUD THAT WAY HURR)

So, I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I also kind of like how you can turn on the player orb thing and make it quasi-MMO where you're sort of playing with other people but not really. I've always dug that idea and I've only ever seen it done well in one game before (some crappy online RPG for the PC where it was the same thing: a single player game where all the players can interact via chat or in-game markers). Yeah, once and awhile you get some moron who won't shut up about how PWNED U WILL B if you "mess" with him or someone begging you for money or items, but it kind of adds to the game in a weird way. Now, if only everyone online would speak in a great, cockney, Dickensian accent it would make my life a lot better, so PLEASE GET ON THIS NOW PEOPLE!
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