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The Thrill of the Hunt

I know it has been a long time since March, but even after all this time I can still safely say that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is one of the most satisfying and rewarding games that I have ever played, completely loaded with fist pumping awesome moments.† As a newcomer to Capcomís series of hunting great beasts, I thought I would give my reasons as to why this game is so engaging to me.† There is no order to this and this isnít a review, Projared on Youtube pretty much sums up my feelings pretty well in his full review (even if his One Minute Review on it is priceless.).† Please note however, aside from the demo, my entire experience with MH3U is from the 3DS version, as after extensive run-throughs on the demo I found out I did better there with the inputs there.† That and the 3D is amazing on this title.† In addition, I have not played multiplayer yet, I shall make it a point to at PAX Prime 2013, but all of this is based on my solo experience.

The Mighty Prey

Weíll start with the real stars of the game themselves, the creatures the player hunts.† Ranging from little to colossal, every creature looks unique, and each fight is just as unique as the looks, even the sub-species are unique in this regard, since they are more than just a pallet swap.† Each creature is animated with very convincing animations, putting the player right in the midst of the fight.† Attacks feel appropriately heavy, flinging your poor armored hunter around like he or she is an insect.† While some would disagree, I also am of firm belief that the complete lack of any kind of HUD item for your target is an excellent move on the developerís part.†† It adds to the tension of the fight having to look at your target, and assess how badly hurt it is.† Details can be as little as the battle damage if the player repeatedly hits certain points, or the creature attacking slower.† Is it drooling?† That means itís exhausted and a perfect opportunity to go offensive.† Like a real hunter, itís up to the player to figure out how well they are doing against each beast.

The Hunterís Choice

Another aspect that makes this game so rewarding is the hunter is what you want to put into them.† Choose one (or switch between a couple favorites) of the 12 available weapons, set up your armor, and go do things, how the player builds up their hunter, from what weapon upgrades to get, which armor to forge, itís totally free for the player to decide.† Even to a lesser extent, the preparations for the hunts, as my last point will explain, preparation is one of the three keys to success.

Bringing Down the Beast

†This is where the satisfaction really comes from.†† Taking down the larger monsters, especially ones the player has not hunted before takes great preparation, and fast adaption to the situation as the battle goes on, using the visual changes in the monsterís appearance and behavior to decide how to act next.† Itís a game about knowledge about your tools, and your skill with them.†† One mistake can mean all the difference between a true victory or being sent back to base camp and having that reward reduced, or even failing the mission outright.† To some, an even bigger thrill is in successfully capturing the monster instead of ending its life.† Capturing requires even more thought and reliance on observing the targetís behavior in the fight to pull off, but the material rewards are well worth it.† For me there is an immense feeling of pure awesome when I see the fall of a dead monster or successfully pull off a capture, and then using the materials to craft new gear for the next great hunt.

Monster Hunter is a world full of wonder, danger, and adventure.† If one can get past the slow beginning and the learning curve, this is definitely a series worth checking out.† Hunt on my friends! †The next great beast awaits!
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