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A Look Back at the Golden Days of a Good Free Shooter...

I wanted my first blog to be special, unfortunately this is as special as I could come up with. Anyway..

There is a game that floats around the internet, around seven years now, this shooter has been quite popular in all that time, and with a sequel coming out later this year I thought I would look back at the original game, back in it's golden days. This look back will be in two sections, Service/Modes and Community.

Before I begin the more in detail bit however, I would like to point out that I am not far in it after all these years, so some of the things listed here may still be true. Now then, it's time to take a look back at:

GunZ: The Duel

GunZ is a third person shooter that combines light bits of RPG elements, matrix style wall running and jumping, with gunfights and sword fighting. The game is almost entirely PVP based with at least one mode for a team against cpu creatures. The game is currently hosted on ijji, where the game is in it's most complete form, however this wasn't always the case...

Section One: Service/Modes

Before Ijji, GunZ ran on the "GunZ International" service during it's beta and for a short time after that. During that time only four game modes were available, which will be listed below.

Deathmatch: Use all your weapons to gain the most EXP in the match. The match ends when someone reaches the kill limit or time runs out.

Team Deathmatch: Two teams fight a specific number of rounds to see who can win more rounds. A round is completed when all members on one team are defeated.

Gladiator: Same basic rules as Deathmatch, except players are restricted to blade weapons.

Team Gladiator: Same basic rules as Team Deathmatch, except players are restricted to blade weapons.

Each of these modes had its ups and downs, with stages that both were/weren't good for either mode (Island stage, I'm looking at you, cheap death city) that were fun anyway.

GunZ had a great swordplay system, by default left mouse button was attack, holding it down charged the blade. Right mouse button would do basically a throw move, but more on that nightmare later, and shift would block. If a player blocked an attack, for a split second their blade would get the charge attack. I'm not sure about knives but swords could block gunfire aimed at the torso. There were 3 types of blades, Katana, Kodachi, and Daggers, with the latter being the cheap weapon.

Daggers had a nasty problem of playing the stabbing animation when rapidly using it, and a lot of the time there was no recoil from a block, plus, unlike the katana/kodachi throw, this one simply knocked the player down, which was harder to recover from, and left you totally open to be shot and killed (you can't do jack squat when thrown without recovering until you get up, though usually it's too late for that).

The nightmare of throws with the katana/kodachi throws is when near a pit, the arena and island stages are the two most notorious of the bunch for this, but if you were thrown over a pit, even if you recover you couldn't do anything and would fall to your death. The reason behind not being able to move or attack or save yourself (a blade with a hold of a right click in air would stab your sword into the wall you are near, allowing you to climb back out) when recovering from a throw until you touch ground isn't known to me even today, but aside from these issues, the game is still my favorite free online shooter.

Section Two: Community

I miss the community from the pre-ijji days of GunZ. Aside from the K-stylers (Players who use animation cancels/weapon switching/blocks to basically fly along walls while pulling off shots at you) have always been there, and some who use the overly cheap knock-down/shoot combo too much, there was a player respect back then.

In many matches it wasn't anything out of the ordinary to see two players, fresh on health and armor stare at each other, bow (using the /bow emote) and proceed in a 1 on 1 duel, this was more-so true in gladiator modes, and other players wouldn't interfere with the duel. Oh sure on occasion there was a prick who would, but for the most part these duels would just happen, some games even making it the core rule of the match. Every fight would begin with a bow from both sides, the fight would ensue, and the victor would bow to the corpse of the fallen, usually followed by a chat post of "good fight" or something similar.

I am not far into my go at it again on ijji, but so far, I haven't come across this, all I see are double/triple teams, clutter-fights and at least one person calling everyone who killed him noob before talking in another language. It's much less mature than in the old days. Maybe in the higher level channels that respect is still there and such duels exist, I hope so. The game is much more fun when the fight's victor wins by skill, and not from a third fighter. Of course the duels (unless specifically mentioned in chat before the round) are off in team games.


Anyway, those are my musings on a game I used to play all the time with a few friends. If you spent all this time and actually read through my thoughts, I wish to give you a thank you.

As my final statement: I cannot wait for the sequel, GunZ: The Second Duel.
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