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I suck at games: There's too many of you online!

I'll admit right off the bat that I've never really considered myself a big multiplayer gamer. Although I had access to a PC during the rise of deathmatch via Doom and Quake, I wasn't smart enough to figure out the dial up modem at the t...


Brutal Legend Official OST....100+ Tracks

EA Denmark has posted the official tracklist of songs appearing in Brutal Legend when it releases. There is some serious stuff packed in this OST and I have to admit, I was kinda ambivalent towards this title but now my eyebrows have been r...


How I've Become A Twisted Pixel Fan In 24 Hours

Cute is not in my interest whatsoever. With the exception of the once off cute em up like a TwinBee shooter or Star Parodier, I gravitate toward the more darker and violent side of the gaming spectrum. Of course, I have an appreciation for ...


New AvP Trailer-Marine Gameplay

I have so much anticipation for this game it's starting to give me cramps. Any gamer worth his or her title should have played the old AvP titles on PC for the intense Marine single player campaign and the fantastic multiplayer in AvP2. ...


Clean and Righteous-A Red Faction Fanfiction Attempt

Hey there Dtoid This is my first attempt writing some fanfiction in a long time. Usually I write more expository kind of stuff, but I enjoy reading good fiction so I wanted to give this a shot. It's a multi part fake news article in the Re...


About Reveilleone of us since 8:57 PM on 07.23.2009


I started this blog with the idea in mind that I really would enjoy just bullshitting about games with people as a gamer first and an introspective analyzer of the medium second. A very distant second. I enjoy deep discussions of games in a serious light from time to time but usually I would much rather talk about something else game related in a more casual manner. At this time I'm unemployed so rather than go look for work, I'll do this.

Also I would really, really, like to start a gaming clan called "Helen Keller's Army" If you don't mind going to Hell and you wanna help me make this happen, get in touch with me. I'm always recruiting for some reason and I'd bet Helen would totally dig it.

I enjoy lots of different games for different reasons. Lately I'm going back to old 16 bit 2D games and old PC shareware because I still think that stuff rocks harder than any modern title today, but the new stuff is usually good around the holiday season. I just play whatever looks fun to me regardless of the system.

I also enjoy collecting and spinning music so expect some video game related stuff from time to time.

And of course.