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Why I enjoy playing single player games


After all of my hours playing League of Legends, it is nice to finally be able to sit down and play the original Mega Man on my Nintendo Entertainment System.

After two years and months of being in rage of my lack of skill/Over all ranking. I have had enough.

There was a time when multi-player gaming online ruled my life, and it was the last two years of college... Strangely I look back and I laugh at how I treated my friends and how they treated me when we all had gotten sucked up into the recent fad of competitive gaming.

I have always been competitive in gaming, but not on the internet scale. Through out middle school and high school I was know for being... for the lack of better words Ben Yahtzee's "That Guy" who had mastered games like super smash to a whole new level that my friends never wanted to play against me because they knew the outcome.

Strangely enough I had a lot of pride in being "That Guy" and most of my friends actually respected me for those skills, even though they did not want to admit them.

That all changed when I went to state university after two years of college, not only was I sick of living alone but I was sick of being in the smaller towns. So I moved into a men's hall  that supported only 50 other men there. I had quickly made a really nice group of friends and things were really cool... until we were introduced to League of Legends. At first it was really innocent. Around ten of my friends would play league of legends online and it was really fun, most of us really did not understand the game. ( not coming from a WC3 or SC background ) 

When we joined the community there was no real meta, no real pros, and almost no respect for the game in general.

Things changed once I introduced a close and introverted friend in the hall to the rest of my friends that lived there too. he was a really cool guy, but he was hopelessly addicted to SC2 and was constantly playing it about 30 hours a week at minimum. Slowly we worked him into our social structure and things were getting pretty cool until, we introduced him to League of Legends.

What we did not know is that he had played DOTA for several years competitively, and we had unleashed a great and yet unspeakable power. Soon we were seeing who was the best at the game, and dividing ourselves to specific "roles" and "champions" and making our own in house teams.

As a college student I would love to spend all my time gaming like my other friends that have less demanding degrees than me, but I was taking 22 hours + a foreign language that had 3-4 hours of home work due every night. So I did not have as much time to practice or learn as my other friends.

It felt like we all developed a competitive nature and soon, we were actually treating each other due to their skill. Some how your skill level actually determined your authority on what you talked about in real life.

Slowly but surly I was falling behind my friend's skill level. I tried everything to keep up, but with my schedule it was going to be impossible to keep up. So slowly but surly I was slowly being removed from my own social group.

It was not so bad, until we divided ourselves into two teams.

The A team and the B team. I was still a pretty good player, except the role I liked was the one that the Dota player always wanted to do. So I was moved to the B team. At the time the B team only had 3-4 people on it regularly, so anytime we had a in house game we would always loose.

Worst of all was that the A team ( vast majority of my friends ) would practice as a team and leave me out of games. They sometimes came up with really good excuses on why it would be better to have a random person on the internet play with them, than me. 

I quickly realized that it was my skill level that was why they did not want to play with me.

That sense of needing to be the best really stayed with me, until I had recently gotten to hang out with one of my older friends from high school, and play through the majority of Max Payne 3, Brutal Legend, and Splatter House.

My friend even convinced me to buy one of the games I have always wanted to own on my Nintendo Entertainment System; Mega Man 1.

Playing through those games were refreshing. 
Playing Mega Man 1 was refreshing. 

Gone was the pressure of the the whole internet vs me as there is no need to be the best at Mega Man. I could sit back and enjoy the graphics, music, and the game-play.

That is the best thing about single player games is that there is no pressure to complete the game fast or with a certain amount of skill, and you can simply take the game at your own pace. 

When I was playing League, each game is about an hour commitment. That is a TON of wasted time. You can always quit at any time, but you will be at the mercy of the moderators. So you have to commit to sitting next to your computer for an hour.

Where with Mega Man, My personal skill is always with me, so I can leave at anytime and come back and still be just as good (granted it is no more than a month at a time )

I think that is why I prefer single player games, is that it is not as intrusive to ones life style, and you are always able to set the game down and pick it up later and not worry.

I am glad that I have found this out, and I feel like I am much more happy and have better relationship with my friends.
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