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When Time Melts


phenomenon that happens consistently when I am being creative. Or at least I like to think that I am the creative type. I get into this trans where I am completely focused on one thing to the point that time simply passes by as a fast rate, but at the same time the moment spent seems like it lasted a very long time.

This has happened a lot over my life time. Whenever I get time to sit and brainstorm ideas or write scripts. This tends to happen and those moments are very intensified.

Or when I am with a group of people I really care about playing Halo 2 at a LAN event. Possibly the best high school experiences I have ever had was setting aside all of the social indifference I had with people at school and coming together and sharing the love of a good local 12 player game.

Lets just say I brought the most important part of equipment to the party :) (two matches going down at the same time)

Heck, sometimes wining did not matter. Like just being able to pull off that one spectacle of a move that kept everyone at bay was enough to talk about for the next few months while our parents were trying their best from not being the "next" house.

To me some of my most favorite times in gaming was when time melted.

I still remember Mega Man 6, my first Mega Man game. I bothered my parents constantly about getting a Mega Man game for our NES. To say they did get really lucky and their money's worth out of that system because I never felt the need to upgrade till the Sega Dreamcast.

But back to Mega Man 6, I think I was 9 or 10 and it was a birthday gift.

I spent days, weeks, months, years, and I still felt like I had not spent a lot of time with that game. Half of that was my delusional brain from sleep apnea, but to me that game felt fresh and timeless. As I could start playing that game and the next second I look at a clock its already possibly 3 hours later and I really should be quitting for the night.

So I guess people are doing a bunch of lists for great games of 2015, but for me I want to write down some games that truly made time melt.

Castlevania Rebirth:

First of all, you should just buy this game to support M2. They are just bad asses that are amazing at creating video games and I am super surprised that they have not just ate Sega or Konami because they have all of the talent. (plus games with hair battles)

Also they made a mobile phone game where girls fight with their hair:

But yeah this game is the modern Castlevania game I always wanted Konami to do but they only paid for it to be made and not actually developed it... Not that I do not appreciate the RPG versions of Castlevania games but I still feel like the RPG aspects to the series is only there to drop the difficulty wall so it can fit a wider audience. (Nothing bad with that and some of those games are amazing)

But there is something about action vs growth that I really enjoy about the original series than the "modern" versions.

Anyway that game is just good on so many levels. There is multiple paths, puzzles, bosses, and just everything you could want in a linear game that still will hand you your lunch.

Honestly if you own a Wii U it is worth picking up on the Wii VC as it is just a really sold game.

Metal Gear Solid 5:

I had to stop playing this game because I wanted to have a life.

Like not that it is bad, but I could easily get stuck into this game to the point that a whole day goes by and I would still be upset that I did not finish more levels.

Never really have been into sneaking games, and for not really studying the controls and half haphazardly playing the game while rocking out to the 1980s ish soundtrack I managed to get more than a couple SS rankings without trying. And the game gave me an Octopus Ranking which really does not make any sense because I still think I suck at some of the mechanics in the game.

Most of the time I do hold-ups is because I got caught in the act. Generally involve me shooting the other guy in the head with a tranquilizer and then chocking out his buddy in my arms.

I cannot be really objective on how this game is, personally found it to be a lot better than MGS, MGS2 and Twin Snakes. It was really cool how the game let you select order and develop your team. In many ways people wanted a heavier story but in this game the journey to get to the story in many ways is a lot better than the story and make the story spaced out enough that all of the crazy new additions do not distract from the superb expiring that this game is.

I have yet to play this game online, as I took my time with the side missions and maxing out all of my gear. (Plus I am pretty sure I will get owned)

Tales of Heats R:

There is nothing quite over the top anime story line than a Tales game, really took the best things about .hack and other RPGs and really just made a solid game with a lively world to go explore and push yourself about in

I really do not know if any of you watched Captain Earth, 2014 made by Bones <-- one of my favorite anime studios. (Xam'd, Soul Eater, Space Dandy) But that show was super anime generic. I mean to the point the show is super predictable in such a way that you cannot but help watch it as you really just want the good guys to get all their dreams to come true and save the planet.

Because its so corny but to the point you get really really involved with the plot and the characters and you want them to succeed and there is just a lot of growth and development that has to take place.

Pretty much this game is that show, but in a playable form where you can change fates of everything and choose which characters get closer.(To certain point) It's a great popcorn drama at its best and you really just cannot help but take in the next bite to see what twists and turn happen next.

Currently I am dealing with the same problem with Xenoblade X:

Which yeah I totally get skell vs no Skell the game does take a lot of different changes. In many ways it is like getting the wheels taken off your bicycle so that you are much more free to explore and take turns a little bit harder than you were able to.

With the world as so much of a focus it does lack some of the social things the previous title had: Stealth game-play, A fun slot system, and general lack of focus (but not in a bad way)

I am really excited to experience this with newer title as soon as I get around to playing them but this song really explains well the bliss of such a thing brings:

I am really excited to experience this with newer title as soon as I get around to playing them but this song really explains well the bliss of such a thing brings:

Sorry I am literally stuck in 2010 in a perpetual loop as the last few years I have been rebooting my life and brain due to sleep apena... Sorry if these jams are not cool anymore.

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