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Un-offical Tie-ins #1 Top Gun / After Burner


This is a new blog series about official movie games.

This was brought on to my curiosity on how many great games were really influenced or simply took advantage of over forms of media hype to buy into a larger crowd that normally would not play video games.

After all art inspires art, and it is amazing how concepts get changed and advanced through different hands and cultures.

So onto game and movie #1 After Burner and Top Gun.

So what could be said as the best thing that became of the cold war or in 1986 was a movie about fighter pilots... I mean jet fighters. This movie is basically the ultimate dream for people that want to fly jets and blow stuff up.

Cause a lot of people want to argue that this movie is about relationships and feelings... Which I know is baloney because EVERYONE WANTS TO FLY AND BLOW STUFF UP. They simply threw in the relationship stuff to get people to the theaters.

This guy is an idiot and has no clue what this movie is really about... In fact I bet he does not even know how to make a good movie ;) *JK*

There was a few "official" video game releases, but lets be honest... They tried too hard on trying to be realistic on 8-bit computers...

Just like the movie right?

Which is very counter productive and failed to capture the fun and energetic spirit of flying and shooting had to offer you.


Come 1987 Sega drops a bomb.

(skip to 7:00 to see it running :D )

Which unlike any other game previously, captured the speed and energy of the movie perfectly in an arcade unit. (could be an over statement, but I think it fits)

Talk about immersion, Sega puts you into a moving cockpit that has warning lights when you get locked on and throttle control... This was before the simulator explosion in the 1990s.

While there was very few deluxe models, I cannot see an average person in 1987 passing this by without trying it once :)

Sega was in the phase of trying to recreate actual experiences with a different form of virtual reality by expanding the peripherals and simplifying the actual experiences to what an average person could do at the time.

Flipping the screen 360 degrees: Check
Arcade Shmup action: Check
Simple but yet complex controls: Check
Afterburner controls: Check
Evading incoming missiles: check
Machine Guns: Check

This is just about as close as a person like me would get to flying a F-14 or at least what an arcade could do at the time

Now all that is good and all...


It is impossible to talk about Top Gun without talking about Danger Zones, those areas that are clearly marked off with take saying that they are dangerous. #Lockouttagout4life

To best describe Top Gun Sound track, it is full of hard power metal. (or old school hard rock) Featuring a lot of FM synthesis as it was sort of a big deal to use electronic instruments. Strangely enough on the hardware Sega was using for arcades the FM synth chips they used were just about the same as the opening notes to the danger zone.

Which was the same sort of stuff that was common to be herd on the Genesis and their arcade boards.

So at the time not only could Sega's hardware better emulate Jet fighters, but sound wise it was pretty close as you could get to the song that topped the charts for a year... and still haunts some of us today :)

But  for as simplistic as some of audio tracks are, they hit in the vein of Top Gun and really show off the talented composers at Sega.

Top Gun was a great look into the lives and a small experience of jet fighting. Sega took was out there and made it their own by translating all the of raw energy and speed seen in the movie into a game that made the F-14 Tomcat look and feel amazing in a neat yet challenging addition of Un-offical Tie-ins.

Realistic... no

Fun? Heck yes
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