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Rise of the triad reboot: without Tom Hall *update they did contact him*


*update: so it turns out they did contact him! :D*

There is a few people in the video game business that I stock, periodically, because they made amazing games that set up gaming as we know it.

One of those people is Tom Hall

The lead designer of Doom who is credited with forcing the creation of Teleporters and other various niceties that we take advantage of in FPS and other forms of gaming right now. For how innovative he was, the industry did not reward him much.

After id he went to make Rise of the Triad. While he did not get as much as he wanted done on the game, he did have larger autonomy on the design of the game.

Ultimately the gaming community wrote it as a Wolfenstine rip off, but he was one of the major designers of Wolfenstine 3D.

I was reading his blog site TomTomTom and I found these comments under his Prometheus Review

I understand that they are making a re-boot, but to not even contact the lead designer for input is like re-booting Star Trek without help from Leonard Nimoy...

The man spent a long time designing this game, and it would be fair to tribute that Rise of the Triads would not exist except that he wanted to make it.

It made me sad that unlike Japanese video game designers, US game designers like Tom do not get much credit. He wrote the entire Doom universe in a single document, that still shows many repercussions in the design of future Doom games, not to mention the plot line of the third one.

It just saddens me that the developers of today would not bother contact him, as he put so much work into it.
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