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So man Windows 10 still sucks... Is Microsoft really just incompetent? My computer crashed when I tried to set up a microphone...


My Destructoid account is not working on Flixist. Would love to comment over there but don’t want to create a separate login.


Doing a job interview with Apple, hopefully it goes well.


Having a lot of fun doing co-op on dark souls , more enjoyable than on my PC. Got my got to level 44 and just about ready to move on from the depths but now I need to do all the side stuff. Already killed that gold knight jerk.


So somehow I have been super motivated to make a blog this is your warning that it will be up after I go on a run.


Back on my anime run, now that I get that ears go below eyes... I took another hour and applied the fixes from the last round of advice, and its looking better. Though the hair is flat and I will be fixing it soon. Also hopefully adding a better mouth.


Says to self... I can do anime... Loads up vector art program and tries hard for 6 hours... Not even a complete image with proper shading... Well now I have much more respect for anime makers, but I an't stopping here.


Getting good at BlazeBlue Crosstage Battle is hard. But ultimately I find it more rewarding and slightly a better game than DBZ FighterZ. However in the graphics department DBZ FighterZ is much more impressive. But kind of lacks partner complexit


Well... on the third instrument... just 1-2 more to go.


Progress has been a bit slow, but its getting there.


I just watched a new episode of Zoids, it made me very happy


Pretty sure they only did this because they lack the home, picture, right thumb stick, and LZ and RZ. I will see If Pokken works on the NES flicks soon


Got the main beats done, now just the rest of the song, more animations and a secret ending.


Going to make my own bongo cat video sometime soon, probably doing a Mega Man cover... Which song should I choose?


So since Final Fantasy 15 PE HD was on sale, I used my reward points to get it down to a respectable $13


Best of hope and love for the people affected by the earthquake. Watching Paranoia Agent and seeing it happen the next day...


I beat Dead Cells, and funny thing not following the advice of anyone helped... I stacked all the power scrolls evenly and then had flaming barnacle and heavy turret help me clean up on the final boss. Great game, I wonder if they will expand it?


Happy Birthday Gmana and Cockaroach! Another chance to share outdated 90s music videos :D


Thanks everyone, and everyone I missed Happy Birthday. (SO MANY BIRTHDAYS ITS LIKE ALL OUR MOTHERS PLANNED THIS) Anyway, hope it was a good one.


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