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Well I have contacted DoT my local Congress/Senator and SW for the day. Here is a cute video FireFox made.


So Southwest denied my claim for a refund due to COVID because I cancelled my tickets before they cancelled the flight... You think a 3.2billion bailout could cover $409...


So I found out that Pico 8 can recognize multiple tiles as the same sprite. There is a noticeable image flicker so its not perfect... but it optimizes the code a lot. Going to test to see if this happens after initial draw or not.


Well today I added gravity, and finally defined my map area.


Today I learned to count zero + 127 is the same as 128 pixels... I should have known


Hey I just wanted to say I hope everyone is safe, here there is some crazy looting going on with 500+ people looting a giant mall. https://www.12news.com/article/news/local/valley/scottsdale-protests/75-62a08bc5-2f8e-4a74-aeca-7b5c7af8ccd7


So I had to get it, after the blogs about MML. Sure it’s not perfect but I love mm games


Happy Birthday Occams hope you are doing well!


Just bought the rest in the Gundam Thunderbolt Series, it’s really close to same hype I originally read the Watchmen. Also Delicious Dungeon is awesome and I cannot wait for issues 6,7 and 8.


I had to go to the grocery store today, good thing I was obsessed with ninjas when I was young, I made a facial mask out of a T-shirt... it’s just the polite and responsible thing to do during this crisis since I can’t get a normal facial mask 😷


Happy Birthday Admiral Ackbong! I hope you are doing well!


Snap assembly complete, already took it apart again so I can paint but this model already looks great :)


I have ascended to the Toilet Master race. My Bidet is installed and customized to make the seat fit not put too much pressure on the lid. 🚽 💦☺️👍🙌 I should have bought one years ago.


I found this house mix that made me feel better.


With all this virus stuff going on, I haven’t gone out in a long time. Kinda getting lonely. More rambling in comments.


Btw my Barnes and nobles is having a buy two get one free on Vis Manga, go nine volumes of Gundam Thunderbolt for $90 :)


I have too much fun with these mini sized models


Help, I was looking for this indie game on the Switch that looked like a mix between Slap City and Lethal League... Tried searching through Eshop and steam and not getting much luck.


When you wanna do something but you’re all alone and have no motivation


Fyi Dale North, old editor and chief at Destructiod just stealth dropped a video on YouTube. I is so proud how far he has gone.


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