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So five hours in the new Pokémon is great 👍 Now if only I could play more once I get off work....


At the GameStop local Pokemon launch 🚀


Goes to Limited Run Games, Clicks on River City Girls before 9-27-19, clicks buy, enters info.... = success!!!


Less to say this game is F***ing fantastic and if you can play it... Do!!!


Calling out our Mario Maker 2 player, I just finished a quite nice arcade screen.( I dare you to beat it)


Happy birthday! I hope you guys have a great night.


So I purchased Doom before reading the news, DRM is okay but it’s still rather unfortunate they decided to add it.


Don't buy the Switch Doom ports! They force you to make a Bethesda Net Account to play a game with no online modes. I wished this was a bad joke... https://twitter.com/NintenDaan/status/1154789882583289858


Got off work and started writing a blog and now I have found the most fun floof on the internet.


Okay so French vanilla icecream and Sugar Only Dr Pepper is amazing


I know I reposted it in several places but this is how I am after all the announcements


Well, I am sure its not going to be 100% but I thought I would upload my bingo card for E3 2019.


It is certainly too clean but it was fun trying to remaster this shot from MMX4


Never knew about this band, I like it.


In comments Leaked new design for Sonic for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie


The weirdest video on DOA I have seen


So is there some new gif policy? Cause I was posting sfw material and my comments got deleted


Playing doa6 casuals with The Dragon Ninja: https://www.twitch.tv/dragonninjaryu


When that peppy person says hello when you’re tired


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