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Well a couple hours down the tube and I have a full sprite sheet :D


I am thinking about doing some messing around on PICO 8 for a bit. All too much fun thinking about making a mini Ninja Gaiden clone :3


Not really sure why there is random glitches in the compression to GIF. But I have added snow :3


Well just a couple of hours of messing around in Motion 5 and I think I made a pretty decent start for my fancy graphics for Rico.


Happy birthday people! Sorry been putting long hours in at work


I love it when you wait and you can buy a pc that is effectively more than 100% better than what you have been using for the last... 5 years.


I know not everyone may be celebrating this weekend but do wish you a lot of Oi this week.


Xenoblade 2 I thought the dub was going to kill me... now I love this game. It delivered in story and in gameplay level 3 arts combos are too satisfactory I don’t think I can ever go back


Well I just saw the new Starwars film with my father. It was okay, I don’t know what to think.


Just upgraded my parents Dell XPS 420 with a GT 1030... Pretty sure it now kicks the shins in on my iMac... time to download elite dangerous:)


Can someone link me to the Secret Santa thing? I had lots of fun doing it last year.


Doing some streaming for fun on my cellphone


Well I am silly, not only is the multiplayer in Doom fun... but I rather enjoy it.


Happy birthday everyone in the last 7 days!


I am considering to pay to stream anime... What would be the best package?


NVGR I have a pretty good idea for a better corporate tax plan for the USA in the comments


I saw Blade Runner 2049... It was okay, but the pacing was way off. Felt like edits were way too long for their own good. Looked great visually, but the pacing made it a job to watch.


PSA: You can now use the Pokken Controller for ANY GAME!!!!!!! I was playing Volgar today and I bumped my Pokken controller that was plugged in and it brought up the controller screen. I swapped to that controller and to my surpusie every button wor


Well it is done, I have used all of my film making skills and knowlege of A/V to break down the laws of physics and practicality to usher in a new age of... Streaming on my cell phone with every cheat possible. I am aiming for Dtiod TV :D


If you liked Prison High School you should watch My First Girlfriend is a Gal. Same characters and style but different story.


Mother's fever broke, thanks for the support :)


Ever have one of those moments when you get everything you have needed for years... But then a huge crisis pops up? More in comments


Well I am very much a no no it's never go to Walmart for a midnight release for Amiibo. Not only do the store clerk do not understand what you want, but they don't want to even bother checking for an item that is a side by side release with a game


There should be a special hell for Splatoon 2 players in ranked that don't use their special abilities... Cmon guys it's S league... how did you get here???


Apparently PayPal denied Water Melon their preorder money for PAPRIUM so I am going to have to wait till next year as they are now self financing the initial order. Apparently a massively well selling Sega Genesis in 2017 is suspicious 😒


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My parents bought an NES and MM6 and Metroid and that is how I got into gaming.

You could say I am a Nintendo fan boy, but I am starting to get off of that train as of recent.

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