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NVGR: Science Fiction is my jam


Okay, so I have to admit I am a hopelessly addicted to Science Fiction.

You see me walk into a Barnes and Noble, I will walk into the board games section, the plastic models section, and then into the Science Fiction. There is something appealing about escaping into a universe that goes against all reason and logic.

That is another thing that got me into gaming in general as video games were able to create those kind of worlds I have always wanted to see. Metroid was a game that my dad bought me for my birthday. I told him that I wanted it cause it had a robot on the front, and a couple weeks before my birthday I found it in my dad's drawers when I was helping my mom do laundry.

My copy was a second round print, but it had the cooler art in my opinion.

My mother quickly told me to say nothing and to forget about it as it was suppose to be a surprise. Well in those two weeks as a child I did forget about it and opening it and playing it for the first time was quite the trill. I think I read the instruction manual several times. In fact I took it to school to look at when I was bored :).

I simply loved Science fiction.

My Dad is probably the first person to introduce me to Science Fiction through Star Trek: The Original Series. It was either "The Cage" or "Where No Man Has Gone Before." As time passes Star Trek:TOS continues to get a lot of hate from the fans of new Science Fiction shows or even the new movies. But honestly it is probably one of the best (not the top) socially progressive show that has been on TV.

I am not talking about interracial kissing...

I was that kid in middle school and high school that freely was fully entertained by what Science Fiction had to offer. So much so that it made it much harder to transition back to educational material :). As foreign as the books my be it always seemed to me that the highlights was the psychology and humanity to the plot, and not completely the technological marvels.  

I remember this book called "A maze of stars" and basically played out what kind of fraction of humans would form after earth. Though that book is dreadfully long, so unless you are going in for a long read I would not consider reading it.

I think that there is a lot of hate out there for books that are more or less teen age romances with a science fiction body, but I would not want to be so divergent with your attention to point out that some of those criticisms are pretty valid.

As to some it seems that these sort of stories are on the same kind of level of that of a fan-fiction. (there is simply some really good fan fiction writers out there )

But it is that sort of thinking that gets me really excited, as I am now working on my own science fiction novel. Which is a very liberating feeling becoming a creator, in my effort to create a novel that will influence people around me the same way the various others did.

Might simply be the weight of the world on my back.  It is quite daunting, realizing that you have to live up to the highest of expectations when you know you are dyslexic and that your brain does not operate on the same level as everyone else.

But that is simply excuses talking, and that is why I think there has not been a huge surge of Science Fiction novels is simply due to people thinking that it is not possible for them to write a novel.

Strangely enough, anime has been a huge push in hope in writing. Just because unlike us "westerners" Japan is not afraid to explore the absurd or crazy. It seems like every time I start to think about a concept I cannot write about, simply because it is too outlandish I start pursuing them more as I find that it is my own limitations in thought that is truly holding those concepts back. (comes down to one killer "What if" Plot)

A good friend of mine let me watch the whole series of Noein, which really opened my mind to the the possibilities of what a plot of a show could be. (looks like a cheesy 2005 anime but is such a great show.)

That lead me to watching Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, which is the slowest building up anime I have watched, but the twist is so amazing I cannot think of a better series.[/size]

Has anyone been watching Knights of Sidonia?

Because I am really really really really really enjoying the first two episodes. The art, the concepts of space life, the interpersonal confrontation. This series is the start of a trend I saw with Gargantia is that it not afraid to slow down and just take in the environment and world and really embellish it.

Of course I am not going to be as pretentious to even compare my writing level to the many people that already have novels out there. But it would be wonderful to write something that gets as well accepted into the great vast Science fiction community.

I have to figure at one point in time they were a  person like myself, just struggling to get a page one at a time :)
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