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How to blog like a king


I have yet to get the underline, lists, and horizontal line tool to work, literally spent hours in "View Source" trying to get it to work. It has came down to the fact that the blogging system will not accept its own underline commands...

If it was HTML it would have been <u>Text</u>

Sometimes the blog editor gets angry

Sometimes commands do not stick to the text or objects you are applying to them, so you have to wrestle the bear. Sometimes the bear wins, and once in a while the bear is asleep and you have flawless victory. But usually the system kicks your butt in round two.. when you actually post your topic. But I have learned a few things.

If your commands are wrong the system will make it painfully obvious

If you go back to fix your problems usually the system has taken the liberty to add more or combine things that were not connected.

Some commands do not work because they were programed in this pseudo HTML and the actual commands are broken in the system...


Hopefully, this helps some new people learn to trouble shoot the system, and hopefully gets attention to the overhaul the blogging system needs.

Now go claim your land you king you!

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