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Art Contest Update: A New Challenger!


Well I have two big things to announce:

First of all Caz has been wonderful in working up some nice graphics and stuff for the KickStarter, but he also is really busy for a while. So while I will be able to use some of the images he has worked for the Kickstarter I can go ahead and use more community members in creating graphics for the Kickstarter. 

I can get into the specifics in what I need soon, but I need to work on the KickStarter myself in getting the wording right, making sure that the stretch goals are reasonable, and getting the reward teirs written down right. Hopefully I will have time to send that to you in the next week or so.

Second, I just received an email from Jim Sterling this mourning! He said that he could probably be in it. So you might want to include Jim Sterling into the list of people that I gave you from my last blog (just in case I will be updating it to include him too)

I am very excited to see thing going so well, I will be looking for your submissions on the 25th :D

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