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A man's impressions of Feminist Frequency


I really have to applaud Anita Sarkeesian for sticking her neck out and really digging deep to show the several feminist issues with gaming.

More importantly, she is helping the gaming community decode several hidden messages from our entertainment medium, while she is mostly decoding the ones with a "feminist" agenda it really is refreshing to get new information from a different perspective.

As I begin to decode the medium I regularly use I start to see many problems with personal identities that are very common with TV or film.

Most games that include men, show them as people with no fear, eminence physical/mental strength that allows them to be better than anyone else.

Basically the same ideology that was forced fed to soldiers in WWI and WWII.

I do not know if anyone saw Patrick Stewart on this domestic violence video:

But it was really interesting hearing about how that it was everyone's expectations for the men in WWI and WWII to suck it up and "be men" and fight the wars that caused the development of these mental conditions. ( as the men themselves realized that they are human like anyone else during a horrific event )

This tune is really catchy, does it really point out what it takes to be a man?

I wounder how these messages are effecting boys between the age of 6-18, constantly telling them that they should be buff and fearless of society and life. Not to say that some people have higher tolerances to hidden messages, but after a while they do start to add up. 

These messages can effect anyone: as small as subconscious thoughts.

Even professional gamers like Andande Thorne (or known as Swoozie on youtube) have had these hidden impulses effect them, obviously not enough to do anything but enough to scare himself.

So I think we need to learn from Anita Sarkeesian to stop and take time to dissect the type of entertainment we subscribe to and make sure that their messages are the kind that we want to pass onto other people we interact with on a daily basis.

As the old saying says: "You are what you eat."

I think a majority of gamers are into intellectual "junk food."

With the recent bankruptcy of Hostess, it shows that many people knew those snacks were super unhealthy. Eventually society changed and they had to move on.

As a man into video games, I represent the majority holder of future profits on games. Thus as a group we need to start becoming healthy consumers, and not just consume the junk foods just because it tastes good.
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