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A pointless rant.

Now, I wasn't going to do this, that is why I have held it off. However, I realized I've been having the same thoughts circle in my head for the last week or so. It hit me, I have a blog mother fucker! There is a chance someone will see this, and actually care. Altough I believe chances are rather low, but whatever. Anyways, the point, I don't need to keep video game related thoughts to myself.

So here it is, my thoughts on E3, or at least the big wigs(Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony), press conferences.

I'm gonna start with the lovely Xbox360, a console which I gladly own. I found their conference rather lackluster, not because I hate Kinect, but because the only thing I find slightly interesting on it is a game involving dangerous baby animals that would eat you if given the chance. I personally, believe the Kinect is full of awesome potential, but really no more then Nintendo's potential that started back oh so many years ago. All it is is controlerless motion control, which seemed awesome at first, but then I thought about it.

I believe no controler takes away the possible appeal it could have to the rest of us gamers. The ones who don't find silly mini-game collections appealing 24-7. I mean, they can be fun, but not all the time. It brings up the odd idea of, weilding a sword, driving a car, using a gun, with nothing. Simply pretending I'm holding it, nothing is actually there. And what about driving a car, how the hell do I use the gas and break?! Now I believe this makes it easier for people who aren't into video games, to get into them. You know, those people who buy an Xbox as a media center and plays no games on it(yeah fucking right -.-).
They can now easily get into video games, cause they will buy Kinect so they can yell at it to play their music and movies. Which, don't get me wrong, sounds fucking cool. Anyways, Kinect removes the intimadating things know as a controller. I do believe this is true, that some people simply won't play games becuase of the controller. Having to press certain buttons to make a character on screen do certain things can seem challenging and scary. I'm not being sarcastic.

I'm honestly not sure how Microsoft plans on selling these. Because I don't believe people just own an Xbox360 as a media center, I believe Xbox owners use it mostly for video games. I believe those owners won't find much appeal in Kinect. Since it has no huge, non-minigame, title on it. Gamers who are all for motion control and only play Wii Sports and those other related titles, own a Wii. They are not gonna pay out for a 360 and the rather high price point Kinect. I'm sure there are 360 owners who are already on the boat and ready to pre-order there Kinect. I would too, if it wasn't 150 bucks. But how they plan on selling beyond that, I'm not really sure. I'm asuming it won't sell much, cause I don't understand how it would sell a lot.

So I found little to nothing impressive with the games they showed. No doubt I'm looking forward to the new Call of Duty, and Gears of War 3, but they didn't blow my mind away, and I've already played them. Give me something new, or at least, a twist on something old. You know, like Nintendo is good at.

What I did find impressive, was the new slimmer and sexier 360. Oh, I want one, I want it bad. It has a bad ass hard drive, nice and quite, and as pretty as a PS3. It is a mans machine, so how they plan on selling it to any family is beyond me. Microsoft is trying hard to be family friendly, and thier trying to get their system out there. And I believe it'll fail, cause we already have the godamn Wii!

And I'll talk about Intendo's conference tomorrow so I can keep these blogs short and don't bore your fucking pants off.
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