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Help me create an RPG

Greetings Destructoid,

I am working on an RPG engine for the PC in my spare time at work and at home. So far I have a simple character and monster system with the ability to add as many levels, monsters, spells, characters, or items as I wish. What I don't have is a story or the determination to draw an entire games worth of graphics. I've been working on this project for a couple weeks now but I've been holding back asking for community input until I had made significant progress.

The game will be PC only. Its built on top of a database programming language so the graphics are pretty limited and tend to get blinky if I try to do too much. There are graphic engines I could bring into this programming language but I'd have to care enough to spend $250 of my own money. Currently levels only move left to right for testing but later on you will be able to move in four directions (think final fantasy 1). Battles are turn based again, think final fantasy. I don't have any plans to sell the game, so I won't pay you for your scribbles. If you want to work on the project I will email you an alpha version of the game that will allow you to import any artwork or dialogue you are working on. When the game is completed I will create a fancy windows installer and host the game so that the public can enjoy.

So where do you folk come in? Anyone who wants to create graphics and/or a storyline for this game should comment here with their email address and what they would like to contribute or email me at restingsound [at] gmail [dotcom].
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