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Can has new CoD4 PC maps?

I actually just bought CoD4 on pc yesterday, and it arrived today. I had played the singleplayer and lan-multiplayer with a warezd version before, and I was so addicted to the multiplayer I decided to buy it. (That's somewhat impressive g...


And the gamers who play them: LAN Gamers

For this monthly musing I've decided to take a look at the gaming culture which is central to me and my friends, one which over the last three years I've wholeheartedly embraced, and is without a doubt the best way I can think of spending...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

But it is, infact, my sexy noob-raping gaming rig. Got it in December, can't live without it. One pic for the contest, the rest are in my previous post -> http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Resonance/my-new-rig-61462.phtml


Ginger Beer Launching

Me and my friend brewed some ginger beer, unfortunately his had a little too much yeast and was left a little long. They fired off like a cannon, and as you can see in three of the clips the entire bottle is launched, propelling itself quit...


My New Rig

So I bought my new rig about a fortnight ago, but I still haven't got round to posting about it yet. Everything has been running perfectly and I've been playing a lot of Call of Duty 4 which hardly stresses it but is the best game I have on...


Fruit War

(Repeat of my forum post) Ok, this is what happens at the end of the year at our school (which was this wednesday), where everyone leaving goes nuts and brings at least a bag of fruit each to throw. My friend taped a bit of it, but missed ...


About Resonanceone of us since 4:24 AM on 09.13.2007

I play a lot of fps and a decent amount of rts too. I try to stay clear of the mmorpgs though, too much time and money and it requires no skill.

Mostly I spend my spare time at lans and watching movies, and of course reading destructoid.

My Rig:

Motherboard -Asus P5E (x38 chipset, PCI-E 2.0)
Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo E6750
Memory - 2x1GB Corsair 800Mhz CL4
Graphics Card - XFX GeForce8800GT 512MB
Hard Drive - Seagate 500GB SATA Drive 32MB Cache
Sound Card - Asus SupremeFXII (packaged with motherboard)
Power Supply - Corsair HX620
Case - Antec P180B
Monitor - Dell E771P 17" CRT
Mouse - Logitech G5 (Blue 2007 Edition)
Keyboard - Standard Dell US Keyboard
Headphones - icemat Audio Sibera Headphones
Stereo - Sharp CD-MPS660 Stereo