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Hell of a day at the office


Got around to completing the Cindered Shadows DLC for 3 Houses. It was a good time! Much closer in structure to a traditional FE game, if that's your sort of thing. ... Now to eventually replay the main game with the added content...


4 hours left until the weekend starts. I wonder how much of that time I can spend on the can.


It's been about a month since I started going to the gym. I still have a lot of work to do to get where I want to get but I did manage to drop 5 pounds and a waist size in that time. Having more energy overall is likely the biggest plus so far, tho.


I just got a call from the hospital that my mom's in the ER after a bad fall and I'm freaking out on the subway on my way to the hospital. Bump: Vertebrae fracture, but she'll be ok otherwise. Still at the ER with her tho.


Iceborne has fully sunk its claws into me, now that I've finally reached the actual expansion zone.


Well, shit. Ain't that neat?


So my first impressions are that Byleth is a blast to play. Their moveset's super unsafe for them but also risky to approach for the enemy. If you get read you're gonna have a bad time. If they whiff? Well, you have KO options in the 40% range. Have fun!


Got my morning workout done, wrapping up that first week back at the gym. I manged to go 3 times this week and I'm already feeling less burnt out than I was last Sunday when starting off. Maybe someday I'll be fit again!


Not a bad day. Got my year-end eval, got a promotion, got my workout done. I think I'll end it with a hot shower and a couple hours of Monster Hunter before crashing.


I started going to the Gym again for the first time in years. Friday's workout went pretty good but today's? I wish I were dead.


Fart fetishes, yay or nay?


"Another Fire Emblem rep oh no" ... Said people ignoring that Byleth is the only true new FE addition to Ultimate. Chrom's an echo so he barely counts.


Yeah if it wasn't for a handful of friends I'd have sold my Playstation by now.


In about a month it will have been 10 years since I made the tough call to forgo owning a car as a teenager. I dunno if I'll stick to it my whole life as I get older and slower and cars hopefully get cleaner. But I'm glad I held out a decade.


48 hours of gastrointestinal hell later, I can see the light! ... And a backlog from hell at work tomorrow.


Ugh. I'm not sure if I got bad McNuggets or if it's an infection, but I spent all night rehearsing for an Exorcist remake.


Welp now I go from having no notifications ever to having no notifications ever be marked as read. The eternal +9 bubble is upon us now. Thanks Disqus!


Eat my ass, 2019! Happy new decade, you wonderful people.


To give this year and decade the sendoff it deserves, I think I'll stream some PC Siege solo queue. I may need a drink.


My first soup of the season is coming along nicely!


Oh look it's 4: 30 in the morning maybe I should go to sleep...


When you go for that quick 6PM nap only to wake up at 2 in the morning...


Got my first ace ever on PC last night. I love N√łkk as an operator so, so much haha.


Oh gee I wonder what could have caused that?


Been sick since Tuesday night and running a fever since Wednesday. I apparantly spent 8 hours playing Division 1 today but fuck me if I remember anything about it.


It's not everyday I get to use my Gundam knowledge to tilt Torchman. But I'm glad I did. He deserved to know how bad Seed Destiny is.


Titanfall 2 would be a fun game if it wasn't filled with Titanfall players. Or had a matchmaking system that didn't suck ass.


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