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Status update, drunk as fuck, sang enter sandman and welcome to the jungle at karaoke.


Last dober post of the evening. Have a great night/day/whatever, you beutiful bunch of fuckers.


I like AC Origins quite a bit! Not a fan of level gating open world games but this Gen I'd almost put it up there with BotW and Witcher3. Almost. Microtransaction economies in single player games can fuck right off.


Good news! After a week's delay, my bed was finally shipped this morning. Bad news, I have no clue how to build assemble a queen sized bed! I will drink some more and ponder my options.


Happy B day Mike. I dedicate this godawful hangover to you!


Current status: completely fucking wasted. Went to see a coworker's indie metal band. Great show, cheap boooze. Gonna be a hell of a hangover tonight.


Soulbow confirmed teamkiller. I bought Siege for this? Just kidding. It was actually a decent time.


I boot up Siege and Soulbow disconnects from Xbox Live. Someone is all talk and no walk :/


Been a long week. Got something to take the edge off on those long transits.


Weekly reminder that Xenoblade 2 is the weakest link in the franchise.


Settling down into the new apartment. Furniture store didn't deliver my bed frame (it's discontinued, but they sold it anyway?) and my coffee table was in pueces when they shipped that. Thankfully my new couch is OK to sleep on!


Just tried my first sitution. The Results were... Intersting.Careful what you wish for, Soulbow


Siege is $50 CAD + whaterver it costs to unlock operators? And the gold version is 120 and also doesn't include everyone? Yeah ima wait for a sale. Sorry Soulbow.


Tomorrow I move into my own place for the first time in 3 years. Between a crazy week at work and all the packing and move prep, I just want to get it over with and sleep.


What if we had something like Siege but an actual good game?


You win, Soulbow. I'll give Siege a try on Xbox after I move this weekend.


That's enough internet for me.


Got one of those tax agency scam calls. I love those! Gave me something to do on the bus ride to work.


Sneezed so hard I nearly sharted at my desk. Awkward.


As leaves fall with wind Bright light shines on youthful mind Siege is hot garbage


And to no one's surprise, ticketmaster continues to be the scum of the earth.


Ff XIV's 4.4 story content was a hell of a ride.


I've started playing The Messenger and I really enjoy the gameplay. The writing, however, can go to hell. I haven't cringed this much reading game dialogue since UnEpic.


Assassin's Creed odyssey is coming to switch! In Japan. As a cloud based streaming exclusive. Pfffffffffffffffffft


Having now watched all of it, I can say that I'm pretty happy with season 2 of Iron Fist. Hell of an improvement over the first season, I think I even liked it more that Luke Cage Season 1 or Defenders. It's no Daredevil season 1, but what is?


Is it possible to get wasted on cough syrup? If it is at least something good will come out of this cold.


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