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And that's Genshin uninstalled. It's not bad, per say, but the multiple layers in the currency system confuses me and a bunch of other annoyances are making it hard to really enjoy. It also kind of runs like shit on PS4 pro.


No but seriously is there an option to shut Paimon up forever?


Thanks to idiots still not taking this seriously, lockdown is back! 6 months in, a million dead worldwide and still it's apparently too much to ask to maintain social distancing and not throw fucking house parties in a pandemic.


Among Us looks like a blast but in the 4 days since buying it on steam I have had exactly 0 successful attempts at joining public matches so to the "things I refunded on Steam" list it goes.


Crusader Kings 3 is a hell of a drug.


Pictured: Artistic rendition of people thinking Monster Hunter Rise is proof that a Switch pro is SURELY coming this spring. And it'll totally support 4k, you guys!


Sony's showing some nice stuff but is anything shown so far besides Spiderman due out even remotely close to launch?


Imagine Sony answers the Xbox price with the full PS5 at $299. The catch? 128gb onboard storage and you can only expand that by buying Vita memory cards.


still have about a dozen pages to sort through but here's the first full pages of ratings for mine


Watched a bit of Avengers gameplay. How'd they manage to make Iron Man "Anthem but worse in every way"?


Forget the Blue Shell. In that AR Mario Kart game with the RC cars, just kick your sibling's car off the track for easy wins.


So I've been messing around with gamepass streaming to my phone. It seems to work, but my paired xbox controller is mapped in a some wonky way where the sticks and triggers don't respond. Anyone here manage to fix that?


Yeah I'm done with avengers. That first big Hulk mission they threw me in had me bored to tears. Anthem had more engaging combat.


Avengers beta first impressions: Opened up with a Fortnite promo splash screen. Gameplay is OK but bland, visuals are nice. First boss was half QTE. Game overall is a big meh/10 so far. Might be worth a 10 dollar pickup eventually


Finally caught up to all of the Trails games. Another 2 months to go for Cold Steel 4. I need to go punch a wall or something.


You never forget your first...


Happy hump day everyone! Have some nice hamsters in the comments!


Wow the Avengers game looks like a worse deal every time I hear about it. I really hope it crashes and burns.


We were supposed to gradually go back to the office next month and then this morning work from home was extended until January. I might go crazy.


I may have accidentally gotten my sister into gfuel


I'm loving Ghost of Tsushima. First Sony-published PS4 exclusive since Bloodborne to really grab me that way. I'm glad I got one more out of the system before it gets put to pasture.


I think SUPERHOT MIND CONTROL DELETE may turn out to be my game of the year. I just sat down to play a bit of it 5 minutes ago and it's already been 2 hours. And they gave this out for free to owners of the original?!?


Oh a weather alert I wonder what it is? "Temperatures will reach up to 36 degrees Celsius today and will not fall below 20 overnight tonight. The combined values of temperatures and humidity will produce humidex values between 40 and 44" FUCK


Try and buy a friend a gift and they just spit in your face. Uncool.


Yeah 2020 has led me right into madness...


Ugh Hearts of Iron has way too much time strategizing and not nearly enough high-octane, Hitler shooting action. I think I spent 100 hours trying to invade nazi germany and I didn't see a single minute of actual combat!


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