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I'm so happy Vesperia is as fun to play as it was 10 years ago! I do wish they would have either had Baker voice the new lines or replaced him outright tho. The new guy isn't bad, but clashing between both voices is distracting.


I gave Titans a lot of shit during its production and marketing but it's been pretty good so far. Some pacing issues in the first half of the season but other than that my complaints are minor for now.


Mana Spark on Switch is terrible on every level and wow I haven't hated a game this much in a long time.


I'm really happy Celeste is on XBox live's games with gold because I wasn't planning on playing it initially and that would have a been a crying shame, in hindsight.


Happy birthday to the crazy nut named Soulbow!


At least Galeem didn't get her?


Someone's cheating on their girlfriend...


Ok time to tackle the backlog a bit and play some DQXI... And that's 3 hours of slot machines I'm not getting back!


It's almost 2019 why am I still going back and playing Breath of the Wild?


I'm 8 hours into Shadow of War and not hating it. Can definitly see how bullshit it must have been before they rebalanced it though.


Cheers and happy weekend to all of you. It's Friday night anf I'm sloshed. How are you all doing?


To the people still whining there are too many Fire Emblem characters in Smash:


Soulbow is a menace to society and must be stopped.


Sangria is the Devil's own juice and holy fuck I am way too drunk for this shit. Have a lovely weekend, you wonderful people I love. If you're stuck at work, may it go quietly and quickly.


Man, the game awards must really like that horse dick what with how much RDR2 is getting blown.


Should I be worried that the only regular hits I'm getting on dating platforms are from women 10 years older than me?


Is anyone else having Issues with Darksiders Warmastered on Xbox? I get zero audio during cutscenes and so far have no fix for it.


Your Padorus Padorus have crossed the inter-dimensional gatcha void and paid off early.


Ok if these early released songs from Smash Ultimate are true I'm gonna be spending a LOT of time just listening to the soundtrack.


Fuck me, why did I play Drunk Siege till 3 am


Guys I have a winning hand I just need the right setup


I think I'll play some Siege tonight.


It is -17 this morning what even the fuck


Trò chơi hay nhất từng được thực hiện là Siege. Vì vậy, tốt hơn nhiều so với robot không gian. sự hồi hộp của việc giết và chiến thắng chống lại tất cả các tỷ lệ cược không thể đánh bại!


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