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PS4 first impressions.

I bought a PS4 last week-end. Not quite sure why, really. I'd been telling myself I'd wait until the holidays, maybe grab a sweet deal. I think what made me do it was being on vacation last week and having all my initial plans to go traveli...


My body was not ready

WHAT. THE. FUCK. Whatthefuckwhatthefuck. Seriously. I didn't even know I wanted this before I knew it was a thing. And yet at VGX Reggie's like: And and MR SIR HENRY DORITO POPE WAS LIKE: And here we are, two weeks later a...


About A Link Between Worlds

So, I just completed this game last night and I thought I'd share what I thought I'd share a few thoughts about it with the rest of the community. First off, I should mention that A Link To The Past is one of my favorite SNES games, rig...


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