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NieR New Project – Famitsu Staff Interview


NieR New Project – Famitsu Staff Interview

A couple days ago, Famitsu released the online version of their staff interview with the developers behind the new NieR title. This interview was originally published in Issue No.1385 of Famitsu magazine, released on June 25. These are my notes that I took while reading the article.

  • Simply due to good timing, they were able to involve Platinum Games on a new title on one condition: Yoko Taro must come to their offices in Osaka (Sending Yoko Taro to Osaka was initially Saito’s idea). If he would work seriously on the project in Osaka, then Saito wanted him to work as Director.

  • While discussing who should take up the character design, Yoko suggested asking Akihiko Yoshida of Bravely Default and Final Fantasy XIV fame to contribute to the project. Yoko had taken a liking to Yoshida’s work for quite some time and thought it would be nice to work with him at some point.

  • Taura’s first impression of Yoko Taro was that he seemed like a very odd individual who liked to upset the expectations of the player, but during talks about with various elements and parameters in the game, Yoko’s response was the exact opposite of what Taura had imagined that he was instantly reassured.

  • Saito said that there are many foreign fans who liked the unique world view in the original game, but it’s still very much a niche fanbase. He thinks that involving Platinum Games, Yoshida’s character designs, and Keiichi Okabe’s music, everything should work out. 

Read more about the article here.

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