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NEWS: Yoko Taro is working on a new game!


According to Game Jouhou, it seems as though Yoko Taro is hard at work on a new game idea! There is no further news besides this right now, but man…! Let’s have fun speculating what this might be!! Some people are speculating that it may be a game for mobile divices (Android, iOS) and that it might be a collaboration with Mistwalker rather than Square Enix. Others wonder if it might be a revitalization of the cancelled game Cry-on for the Xbox, which was actually developed by Mistwalker with art by Fujisaka Kimihiko

The Dengeki Playstation 20th Anniversary issue (in tandem with the Playstation 20th Anniversary) was just released the other day to confirm this news. It features a brief question and answer interview with 107 creators and developers.

Here is my translation of Yoko Taro’s interview:

Creator No. 107
Yoko Taro

  • Question 1: Out of the PS titles you were involved in producing, which one did you feel the most attached to?

    I feel attached to all of the games that I worked on as director. The thing is, they were such a pain to work on that, when I think about it, I feel like I’m going to vomit, so I tend to think on it sparingly. But I appreciate the various support that Dengeki has given me.

  • Question 2: What past Playstation game do you still look back on fondly?

    Well, I’m sorry to always give the same answer, but I’d have to say it’s “ICO”. I think it was a game that showed it was okay to “only play up to a certain point.”

  • Question 3: For the game or person most on your mind, what would you ask that person?

    I want to say…… Ueda-san from “The Last Guardian”, but I’ve changed my mind and would like to ask Hiroshi Inai, who recently joined M2, the following question: Are you making a shooting game for M2? It’s a shooter, isn’t it? Please make a shooter!

  • Question 4: Not exclusively about gaming, but what topic is most on your mind?

    I don’t know why but I feel like I’ve been stricken with the unprecedented steak fad and eat it everyday. Why? Because it’s so good. I hope that cheaper and more delicious steak places will spread throughout the world!

  • Question 5: What memories do you have working on a title in 2014 or please tell us something about your most recent work!

    Unfortunately, I didn’t work on a game that was released in 2014. I am working on a new title but I would be murdered by many people if I let anything slip, so for now it’s a secret. Actually, I worked as creator for a stage play this year and was throughly impressed by a genre that I had never worked in before. Also, the new manga series that I created and am working as director, “Thou Shalt Not Die”, will be published in the monthly Big GanGan on December 25. I’m sorry to end this with such unabashed self-plugging, but I would be extremely grateful if you pick this up when you go to the bookstore.

This translation was first published on drakengard-3.com, with a heads-up on the breaking news by Siliconera and Game Jouhou.

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