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Drag-on Dragoon 3: New Fan Site Up!

Hi, everyone.  I've just uploaded my new Fan Site for the game if anyone is interested.  The main pages are all up but with minimal information right now.  I'll be continually working on adding goodies in the next couple of days as well as updating the site with new, up-to-date info as it comes available!  Please have a look and let me know what you think.  If there is anything specific you'd like to see featured on the site, please let me know about that as well!  I'd like to get the community involved in it as much as possible.

Here's a brief preview of some of the things I made for the site.  This is from the Story page.

I'm also linking the site with my relatively small Facebook community.  If you're interested in the game, I'd love to hear your comments about it over there, as well!  

Thanks much and here are the links...

DOD3 Sanctuary

DOD3 Facebook Fan Site

Thanks for looking!!  :D
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