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Drag-on Dragoon 3: 4th NicoLive Broadcast and More!

Last night was the 4th NicoNico Live Broadcast hosted by Producer Shiba Takamasa and again featuring vocalist Aoi Eir.

This time around we were introduced a little more to the two mangas related somewhat lightly related to the game: 

Utahime Five:
New chapters are published month in the Big GanGan magazine.  Takes place before DOD3 and mostly focuses on the younger sisters...but supposedly becomes more DOD-like as the story unfolds.

Shi ni Itaru Aka (Death Obtained by Red):
This is the manga that supposedly takes place after DOD3 and leads up to DOD1 in the overall timeline as stated by Yoko Taro, who also acts as supervising editor for this manga.  New chapters are published twice a month in the Young GanGan magazine...which always plasters boobs on its front cover.  orz   

It was funny how they mentioned how it might be better to buy the magazine and wait to read it until you get home...and then the host, Hirohashi Ryo, commented on how she could read it on the train if you just barely open the magazine to read it...  This does NOTHING to hide the cover image whatsoever... which was another orz moment.

The next segment talked about some of the most noteworthy scenes in the previous games and allowed members watching live to choose which scene they would show.  I selected the scene from Nier in which Kaine awakes from her 5 year slumber...which turned out to be the most selected scene!  

As an extra bonus, they also showed the scene of Leonard's end from DOD1.

The next segment dealt with the much anticipated ground battles with the dragon Mikhail.  The name for this battle type has been renamed to simply "Ground Battles".  Simple.  

What was great to see in the gameplay was how easy it looked to both run along the ground and attack enemies and also jump into the air at any time for more aerial attacks.  We were also shown the Utautai Mode of the dragon battles, in which Mikhail's attacks and abilities are greatly enhanced through Zero's Utautai powers.

I've taken MANY (nearly 300) photos from this part of the broadcast and they all can be found on my DOD3 gallery, here:


I tried to record the broadcast to post on YouTube, but I don't have the proper equipment to do this well... but for anyone who does not have access to NicoNico, maybe these videos will do until someone puts up better ones.  I made one large file for the beginning half of the show until my camera ran out of space (guh) then I had to upload 3 separate videos from my phone.  You can find all 4 of them here:


Lastly, we were shown a very brief gameplay segment with Zero in Caim's costume, which will also be DLC, just like Kaine's costume was previously announced.

The gameplay segment was the highlight of this broadcast and not much else was very exciting, unfortunately.  The very final segment brought in a surprise guest... Onitsuka Chihiro, the vocalist for the 2nd PV song entitled "This Silence is Mine".

Other News for Fans

The DOD3 Halloween Art Contest began this past Thursday and is open to anyone interested in participating!  For more information, check the updates on the main site:


And also, come visit us on the Facebook page, too!!


Cheers and until next time!
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