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Refused Classification Podcast (For Aussie Dtoiders) Episode 07: WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!


Artist's interpretation of the show.

Hey everybody, it's Refused Classification time! Made for the Destructoid community by a bunch of Aussie pricks so you all can see what it's like to be a convict.

This weeks episode was based around a simple concept: We swear too much. So we decided to curb this by taking a shot every time we're caught swearing.

As you can imagine, shit gets out of hand real quick.


What is talked about:
- GentlemenCast!
- Introducing Justine, this episode's stenographer/referee
- Mechwarrior: Living Legends
- Dan Mazkin is a BIAS!
- Edge of Twilight, Check that shit out.
- Mr Dillinger is struggling with these shots.
- Raskulls looks awesome too, Aussies REPRESENT!
- Introducing Mr Dillindrunk
- Ryan Reynolds RAGE
- Carmageddon, we miss you
- Duke Begins, wut?
- The RC Spotlight: Team Killing
- From this point on Mr Dillinger's drunken state causes the podcast to devolve into absolute madness and chaos. Enjoy listener questions!

As promised we will give a prize and offer a spot as a guest on our next episode, and the grand winner is TheCleaningGuy for his spam load of questions that we barely answered with any degree of efficiency. CleaningGuy, email us at [email protected] and we will work the details out as we go.


Download the podcast HERE (65.7MB)
Right Click and select 'Save file as'
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