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Top 10 Gaming Web Series

I love YouTube! Ironically, not for the reasons most people love it; RayWIlliamJohnson, Smosh and Fred can all go to hell. Iím also not talking about videos of cats or people falling over, although those are important to watch once in a while too. I go on YouTube every evening because of the fantastic shows that often surpass most of the garbage on TV in terms of quality Ė a lot of them about video games!

The fact that youíre reading this on Destructoid means that youíre already familiar with the fact that this website is host to many great gaming shows: The Destructoid Show, Jimquisition, Talking to Women About Video Games, Rev Rants, Hey Ash and many more. As much as I enjoy them all, Iíll be keeping them out of this list, as well as other brilliant but popular shows like The Angry Video Game Nerd, Pure Pwnage and Zero Punctuation. This way, hopefully by the end of the blog post youíll find at least one new show that youíll love and maybe subscribe to.

10: How To Annoy People

Okay, so this is the third ďLetís PlayĒ series in a row... but hear me out! Like the previous two entries, itís unlike any Letís Play youíve ever seen, and this one is sure to blow your mind. Terry Garrett is currently playing through classic game Ocarina of Time. Not too unusual... except heís completely blind. And no, not blindfolded, not looking away from the screen Ė completely blind. Terry takes the number one spot in this list for the sheer brilliance, determination and genius he demonstrates in each of his videos. It started with a demonstration of how he can play the game starting from Inside the Deku Tree, using an elaborate audio setup on his chair to rely completely on the sound design. Its now become a complete play-through of the game and he has now conquered the Shadow Temple. It made me realise just how excellent the sound design is for this game - from Linkís footsteps across different terrain and enemy sounds to Naviís prompts and the gentle stream of the Hyrule river, Terry can always identify where everything is and where heís going.

He plays, records and edits the video himself, and has also played Abe's Odyssey and Bit.Trip Runner on his channel. I really think the guy deserves more views and subscribers and that more people deserve to see this incredible guy. If you have time for just one video, please make it this one! Using the Master Sword as his cane, he's getting closer and closer to being the first blind hero to smite Ganondorf.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmmqarQRSSE&feature=plcp
Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MegaTgarrett/featured

And that wraps up my first ever Top 10 list! Wow, these are hard work, but damn fun. Iím considering publishing a Top 5 Non-Gaming list if people like this post. Please let me know, and tell me if you know a great series that should have been on this list, or even anything non-gaming. I wanna know about it! Thanks for reading. :)
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